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Last Day - 8 May! Get better control over your dog and enjoy training activities!
Get the bestseller dog leash with handle with a GIFT - a short braided leather pull tab!
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Dog Collar Dog Ball on Rope
A super strong dog accessory for control and training of your dog.
Make control over your dog easy and comfortable with this strong short lead.

A must have for a middle and big dog! Add to your collection and enjoy like many other our customers. Read the testimonials of pleased dog owners who have already got it:
"Today I got the lead, it fits perfectly for a school, leather is very durable and size is exaclty as I've been looking for. At school I got praises for the equipment, leather and high quality, and also great craftsmanship and nice and stylish hardware. Nobody else at the school has the kind of dog accessories! Besides, the fixation at the harness is unlike the others, very functional and allows to take the harness on and off in a moment! They asked where did I get it and of course I pointed at your site! Of course I will keep you on my mind if I need something else and will recommend you for other school members! Very grateful and with the best wishes, Valentina."
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The number of gifts in stock is limited. So, hurry up to catch the best offer of the day now!
Dog Harness Dog Muzzle Dog Collar Dog Leash

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