Small dog muzzles

Wire basket muzzle for small dog
Leather muzzle for small dog

Small dog light wire muzzle

Lightweight leather small dog muzzle

Are you a happy owner of a small four-legged friend? We will be glad to make your walks safe and free from worries that your dog will chew or pick up inappropriate items or even poison from the ground. Good fit and nice little dog muzzle will save you from these troubles. Dog muzzle is not exceptionally made only for large dogs. There are situations a little will not get along without it. Are you sure that it will not pick up strange and dangerous for his health thing from the ground? Or damage its wound? Or would bother a vet while some obligatory procedure? These cases demand a good dog muzzle to protect your dog. Show a good care for your pet and use the best equipment for your dog. Our dog muzzles are made of natural leather, high quality nylon and lightweight smooth polished stainless steel. We care that our muzzles are soft inside and perfectly ventilated. We produce dog muzzles for rare breeds as well. There are also decorative and exclusive hand painted dog muzzles, dog muzzles with spikes and studs. Contact us, and inform about breed, sizes and your wishes before purchasing and our dog experts will help you to make the best choice.

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