• Model: TT21#1049 Dog Chew Toy for Treats 3\" (7 cm)
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Small Dog Chew Toy for Treats, for Small Dog Breeds & Puppies 3\

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Dog Chew Toy for Funny Dog Feeding and Entertaining Your Small Doggy!

Dog chew toy with hole inside is intended for treat dispensing. It makes daily boring feeding more active, funny and entertaining. Pleace dog's favourite treat inside and enjoy watching it trying to chew and get the treats piece by piece. This activity makes a dog enjoy the feeding, makes a dog think and develop mental skills. It is a funny and useful dog chew ball! Try it now!

Small dog chew toy is intended for small dog breeds and puppies. It is a multifunctional dog toy for dog feeding, mental and physical stimulation, games and chewing.

There are also larger dog treat toys for medium dog breeds and for large dogs.

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dog chew toy

Small Dog Chew Toy for Dog Feeding with Joy and Fun!

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dog chew ball

New Tetraflex Strong Dog Chew Ball with Hole for Treats

Key features of Dog Chew Ball:

  • Dog health friendly rubber foam
  • Certified quality
  • Light weight
  • Non-sinking in water
  • Strong dog toy for long term use
  • Multipurpose
  • Silent action

Intended use of this Dog Chew Toy:

  • Fun dog activities
  • Metal stimulation of dog thinking activity
  • Interactive dog games
  • For dog physical exercises
  • Small dog training
  • Puppy training

Sizes of this Dog Chew Toy:

  • Diameter 3" (7 cm)

Materials for these Dog Activity Toys:

  • Safe rubber foam TETRAFLEX
  • Yellow colour, easy to find

Use this dog chew toy with the best result: buy it with dog treats to dispense them inside: choose the option while ordering.

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dog treat

Tasty and Healthy Dog Treats for Toy-Dispose and Interactive Feeding

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dog chew toy

Dog Chew Toy of Small Dimensions, for Medium and Small Dog Breeds, Puppies

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dog chew toys

Dog Chew Toys are Produced also in Other Sizes (4 in and 5 in)

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