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Cool Dog Toys with Treats for Chewing 'Funny Bun', Small Size

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Little Dog Toys for Puppies and Small Dogs Chewing and Stimulated Mental and Physical Activity

Little dog toys for chewing are interesting and durable chewing tools for dog health and mood. These coll dog toys will entertain a dog, preventing anxiety and boredom. Thus, it will save you from many troubles with dog behavior. Your small doggy will like chewing this dog toy with treat inside. Place a round chewing treat or fill in the cavity of this toy with small treats. A dog will like the challenge! It will stimulate dog mentally ad physically. Your pet will roll, turn over and chew the toy to get a tasty treat. Each of little dog toys come with one round chewing dog treat in a set. Order more treats by options at the page top.

More information about small round dog treat.

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dog chewing puppy toy

Little Dog Toys 'Funny Bun'

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cool dog toys for small dogs

Cool Dog Toys for Treat Dispensing

Key features of the Little Dog Toys:

  • Durable and flexible material, strong for dog teeth and safe for dog health
  • Flexible and easy to dispose treats inside
  • Non-toxic: does not contan phtalates, vinyl and latex
  • Entertaining dog toy
  • Small size of toy is convenient for puppies and small dog breeds

Intended use of the Little Dog Toys:

  • Dog detal care
  • Gums massage
  • Dog mental and physical activity
  • Prevention of separation anxiety, boredom, behavior problems, chewing strange objects
  • Supplementary feeding


  • 2 in x 2.5 in (5 cm x 6 cm)

Materials for the Cool Dog Toys:

  • Durafoam
  • Blue color

These little dog toys of 2 x 2.5 in size are perfect for small dog breeds, like Beagle, French Bulldog, Pug and others.

There are also larger cool dog toys for treat dispensing available. Follow the links to view other sizes: medium, large.

Choose also gourmet dog treats for these cool dog toys for chewing to place inside. Order it separately, or choose options at the top of the page while ordering.

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treats for puppy toy

Gourmet Dog Treats for Puppy Toy

Each of these little dog toys for small dogs comes in a set with one round dog treat. If you wish to add more round treats, choose from the options or you may oder it separately as well.

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dog treats for little dog toys

Small Round Dog Treat for Little Dog Toys

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