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Small Dog Chew Toy with Dental Ridges, Treat Dispensing

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Dog Chew Toy 'Everlasting Groovy Ball' with Dental Ridges for Small Dog and Puppy Dental Care, Games and Treats

Dog chew toy is a real savior for little pooches that like to chew and discover everything around. This small dog toy will become an interesting challenge for your active pet! It will bring pleasure and a lot of use to your four legged friend!

First of all this dog chew toy is made of absolutely safe material, solid, free of vinyl, phtalates and latex. It is strong, flexible and virtually indestructible even for powerful chewers.

Small dog chew toy has dental ridges that help keep dog teeth healthy. It cleans and massages dog gums while chewing.

To make the chewing more pleasant, challenging and useful, this dog toy may be filled in with small dog treats. One big round treat is put into one of the holes. Watch the video instruction how to put treats into the toy.

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small dog chew toy

Interesting, Useful and Challenging Small Dog Chew Toy for Treats Dispensing

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small dog chew toy

Challenging Dog Chew Toy with Tasty Treat

This small dog chew toy comes in a set with a round dog treat. It is flexible and strong, and is chewed like a bone. You may order also more round or small dog treats for this dog toy at the options to the order. Click at the treat photo to order them separately and for more information.

dog chew treat treats for dog chew toy

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small dog chew toy

Holes for Small Dog Treats Dispensing

Key features of the Small Dog Chew Toy:

  • Safe and strong, flexible material
  • Free of latex, vinyl and phtalates
  • Lightweight
  • Ridges for dog dental care
  • Holes for treats dispensing
  • One round treat in a set

Intended use of this Dog Chew Toy:

  • Dog chewing
  • Supplementary dog feeding
  • Entertaining a dog on its own
  • Dog behavior correction
  • Small dog and puppy dental care
  • To stop dog chewing strange obgects
  • Dog mental and physical stimulation
  • Dog zone training

Sizes of Small Dog Toys:

  • 2.4" x 2.8" (6 cm x 7 cm)
  • Weight - 0.2 lb

Materials for the Dog Chew Toy:

  • Especially durable rubber
  • Pink

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small dog chew toy

Everlasting Groovy Ball by Starmark

This small dog chew toy of 2.4" x 2.8" size is intended for small dogs and puppies, like French Bulldog, Pug, Miniature Schnauzer, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Shih Tzu, Dachshund, Sheltie and others.

For medium dog breeds there is a medium size of dog chew toy.

For large dog breeds choose a big dog chew toy with dental ridges.

The benefits of this dog chew toy for small dogs and puppies:

  • 'Everlasting Groovy Ball' entertains a dog and prevents boredom and separation anxiety. It saves you from many troubles of dog behavior. Your dog will be occupied with an interesting, challenging game with this dog chew toy with treats and ridges.
  • Dog chew toy helps in digestion. A dog gets small tasty treats one by one and chews them slower and more carefully. It also improves digestion and keeps your dog healthy! Small dog treats contain healthy ingredients for puppies and dogs.
  • Safe flexible dog chew toy massages dog teeth and gums while chewing. Dental hygiene is very important for dog and puppy dental care and health.

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