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Soft Jute Cushion with Handles for Puppy and Young Dog Training


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Bite Builder for Puppy Training, Young Dog Biting Grip Improvement

Soft jute bite bulder is professionally designed to train your future champion with maximal comfort and efficiency.

Jute bite bulder is soft and natural for dog teeth. It trains a dog to grip and prepares for the following stages of Schutzhund training.

Puppy training bite bulder has 3 handles. 1 inner handle allows to keep it by one hand and 2 outer handles for better mobility with 2 hands. A loop is used for distant training on a lead.

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Puppy Training Bite Bulder

Choose Professional Tool for Schutzhund Training of Your Puppies and Young Dogs

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Puppy Training Jute Bite Bulder

Functional Jute Bite Bulder with 3 Handles

Key info of the Jute Bite Bulder:

  • Professional design
  • 3 handles for the best mobility of moves
  • A loop for work on a leash
  • Soft, strong and safe
  • May be hold by one or two arms

The Puppy Bite Bulder is designed for:

  • Puppy training biting
  • Young dog training biting
  • Puppy and young dog bite grip improvement
  • First steps in Schutzhund training
  • For bite work close and on distance


  • Weight 2 lb (0.9 kg)
  • 15" x 9" (38 cm x 22 cm)


  • French linen

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Puppy Training Tips

Train Your Puppy Biting

French linen bite builder is available here.

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