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High Quality Dog Muzzle Hand Painted Spanish Design

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Large Dog Muzzle Special Design for Security and Comfort in Training and Walking

Large dog muzzle has a comfortable leather basket, that is made of thick and durable leather. This high quality dog muzzle is hand made. Exclusive look of this big dog muzzle is created by original bright painting of Spanish Flag. The paint is waterproof and 100% safe for dog health.

This big dog muzzle is soft padded. There is a felt lining in the top of leather basket. We have placed it in the dog muzzle part, that touches dog snout maximum close. It prevents rubbing and provides supreme comfort for your dear pet.

Closed design of a leather dog muzzle is used for dog training for attack and protection of a dog from biting, chewing and picking up strange objects. If you want to stop your dog chewing rubbish and strange objects, keep its health and choose this high quality dog muzzle design.

Large dog muzzle shape is designed to make dog breath free and natural and allow dog panting and licking nose muzzled. It is a strong dog muzzle for large and middle dog breeds. It is produced in several sizes for Shepherd dogs, Doberman, Rottweiler and alike breeds of dogs.

Strong dog muzzle is reliably fixed by secure leather straps and rustproof chrome-plated buckles.

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Large Dog Muzzle UK

Bright, Comfortable Dog Muzzle for Secure Dog Walking and Attack Training

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High Quality Dog Muzzle K9

High Quality Dog Muzzle Hand Painted Spanish Design

Key features of this High Quality Dog Muzzle:

  • Hand made
  • Hand panted
  • Thick leather
  • Well done edges
  • Additional side leather straps
  • Sewed-in front metal plate
  • Water resistant paint
  • Secure fixation with straps and buckles
  • Soft lining of felt

Intended use of this Big Dog Muzzle:

  • For middle and big dog breeds
  • Safe dog walking
  • Dog muzzle for dog training
  • Dog muzzle for stop dog chewing, licking, picking up and biting
  • Service dogs and police dogs K9

Sizes of Large Dog Muzzle:

  • Dog breeds of Shepherd type
  • Rottweiler and alike dog breeds
  • Doberman and similar dog breeds
  • Fill in the sizes of dog snout and our specialists will choose the best fit muzzle size

Available paintings:

  • "Spanish Flag"
  • "Italian Flag"
  • "Australian Flag"
  • "Frenchy"
  • "Union Jack"
  • "German Style"
  • "American Pride"
  • "Flame"
  • "Barbed Wire"
  • "Blue Fire"

The measuring guide for a dog muzzle (measured in ins):

How to measure a dog for a muzzle
Length: From eye line to nose tip
Circumference: Dog snout one inch below eyes
Eye Line: From the eyes to line behind the ears
Neck Circumference: Neck size behind the ears
Width: Dog snout in the widest part
Snout Height: Measured slightly open

Strong dog muzzle for training and maximum protection with painted design is the best choice of a high quality dog muzzle for the best price from the producer directly!

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