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Non-Allergic Dog Choke Collar of Curogan | Fur Saver for Dogs

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Non-Allergic Dog Collar made of Curogan, Fur Saver Herm Sprenger

Non-Allergic Dog Collar by Herm Sprenger trade mark from Germany is the best quality dog equipment! it is made of non-allergic nickle-free curogan alloy. The links have optimal width to be save for long and short dog fur.

This dog choke collar is recommended by specialists for dogs with weight up to 35 kg.

This dog collar will help you to train your dog effectively and to walk it without pulling on a leash.

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non allergic dog collars

Non Allergic Dog Collar made of Curogan Alloy, Nickel-Free

NonAllergic Dog Collar key features:

  • Curogan alloy is non-allergic, rust resistant and nickel-free
  • Safe polished
  • 2 cast O-rings
  • Quality Certificate

Non Allergic Dog Collar intended use:

  • Dog training
  • Dog walking
  • Stop dog pulling on a leash
  • Obedience training
  • Recommended for dogs up to 35 kg

Sizes of this dog collar:

  • 16" - 26" (39 - 67 cm)
  • Wire gauge 3 mm

Materials of this dog collar:

  • Curogan (copper-tin alloy)

How to choose and use a choke dog collar:

When choosing a choke dog collar is important to remember:
  • Measure your dog's neck circumference.
  • Add approximately 3 inches to your dog neck circumference - it is the size of choke collar.
  • Write us the head circumference of your dog in the widest area (along the ears and under the snout).

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