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Travel Dog Drinking Bottle with Roller-Lock, Non-Spill!


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Dog Drinking Bottle for Travel and Walking

Dog drinking bottle is intended to keep your dog active, healthy in long walking and travelling. An important condition for your dog is to have a source of fresh water anytime and everywhere. This dog drinking bottle is intended to supply your dog with water in long walking or journeys. This travel water bottle for dogs is comfortable to take with and give a dog to drink when it is thirsty.

0.5 l volume is small to carry comfortably with and enough to give a drink to a thirsty dog.

Light plastic bottle is absolutely safe for a dog. There is a special roller-lock to prevent spilling of water.

A dog may drink from the bottle directly.

Comfortable adjustable nylon loop is easy for carrying.

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Travel Dog Drinking Bottle

Travel Dog Drinking Bottle

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Dog Drinking Bottle

Non Spill Dog Drinking Bottle with Roller

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Water Bottle for Dogs

Plastic Water Bottle for Dogs

Key features of this Water Bottle for Dogs:

  • Light, safe plastic
  • Non-spill roller lock
  • Adjustable nylon handle

Intended use of Dog Drinking Bottle:

  • Source for fresh water for dog in a travel or long walking


  • 2" x 3" x 9.5" (5 cm x 8 cm x 24 cm)
  • 0.5 l


  • Plastic

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