4 Summer Tips for Dog Care in Heat

How to help my dog in heat?



The rise of temperature to abnormal grades makes dogs change their normal behaviour. A calm doggy may show nervous state and irritation, run back and forth the apartments and drink a lot of water.
It is recommended to make your dog ready for the summer heat ahead. Then hot days will not be shocking or cause stress for your pet. If you admit change in dog's behaviour this is a sign to change its ratio and schedule of walking immediately. These signs are vivid anxiety, weakness, heavy breath.



how to help my dog in heat

Take care of yourself as well: get a comfortable T-shirt and a summer cap, 100% cotton

Dog diet for hot days



How to feed a dog in summer heat? The organism of our pets needs a lot of water and minimal amount of nutrition in heat. There is no need to feed your dog with fat meat or cereal with thick broth. Eating of fat dishes causes discomfort in heat. Try to add seasonal fruit and vegetables into the diet of your dog. Give the preference to low-fat meat and fowl, and dairy products.
Veterinarians advise to take into account not only dog diet but also the time of feeding. Give nutritive dishes in the morning and evening and lighter snacks during the day.



dog walking in summer

Take a walk at the lake or river bank

dog water bowlThere is never too much of water


Natural way to keep stable body temperature is taking a great amount of liquids. In hot summer days the plate of your dog should be always full with fresh, cool water. Be attentive to change and pour it frequently several times a day.
Invalid and impaired dogs need special care. They need to have source of fresh water closely to reach it quickly. Remember, that lack of liquid leads to overheating and a heat stroke.
If you leave a dog home alone leave several bowls with fresh water. It is never excessive. You do not wish to come back home and find your dog barely alive.


Change of dog walking schedule



Longer time of daylight allows us to change the timetable of dog walking the way to keep your dog from straight sunlight. Try to have a walk with your doggy in the early morning and late at the evening, and in day hours go out with your dog by an urgent need only. You will have pleasant dog walking in shady parks and at a lake or river bank.



small dog harness for Spaniel

Play games and exercise your dog in shady parks

  • A great means for heat is active rest with your pet in a cool shady forest or bathing in a river or lake. Your pet will be excited!



In summer it is recommended to avoid dog walking in a tight muzzle. Closing of dog snout does not allow a dog breathe free and sweat naturally with its tongue out. If wearing of a dog muzzle is a necessity, choose a ventilated dog muzzle basket that allows your dog pant, breathe and turn its tongue out. Some wire dog muzzles allow dogs even drink water muzzled. But anyway, take it off each 10 minutes to allow your dog breathe with its mouth wide open.



Wire Dog Muzzle That Allows Drinking

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Do not overdo it!


As practice shows, frequently sincere care of dear pets makes dog owners do silly actions. It may cause problems of dog health. In the order to avoid urgent help of a veterinarian, stop these "care tips":


  • frequent bathing of a dog in heat, especially in cold water. It is allowed just to wet dog's head and paws once in a while.
  • radical grooming of dog fur all-over dog body. Keep in mind, that dog coat protects your pet from any physical irritants, including UV-rays. A bold animal may get a sunburn.
  • overcooling of living space. If you use air conditioner place your dog in other room. Laying on cold floor may become a reason for many diseases, like a flu or cyctitis.


Be attentive to the state of your dog in hot days to admit strange symptoms at once and get veterinarian help in time. Have a great Summer and stay healthy and happy!