How to Travel Europe with a Dog

Are you going on vacation with your pooch? In this article you will find the answer to What documents do you need to take your dog to Europe?

Travelling with Your Dog

Travelling with your dog has become easier these days. In the major cities and main tourist regions of the European Union you can find great amount of dog-friendly hotels. They offer special services to your four-legged companion. There you can find playgrounds for dogs, canine swimming pools, grooming lounges, dog nannies services and even special restaurants with a special menu for your pooch.

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However, for unrestricted entry into and travel within the EU, a pet (a dog, a cat or a ferret) must have:


The EU uses the European chipping standard - an individual number of 15 digits (ISO 11784/11785). If the microchip contains a number in a different format, then you must have an appropriate scanner with you. When entering the country the scanner is used to verify and register the pet. A cheaper alternative may be the implantation of a European type pet chip.

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Rabies vaccination

According to the EU rules, vaccination must be given no later than 21 days before the first entry into the country, and must remain effective at the time of departure. In the case of repeated entries the “21 day rule” for regular revaccination can be disregarded.

Please note! The primary vaccination is considered to be one that was made after the microchip installation. Therefore, even if your dog was previously vaccinated against rabies, after installing the microchip, it must be re-vaccinated and held for a specified period before the first entry into the EU.

However, when travelling with a stop or transit through a  high-burden country (including Ukraine), you will have to do a test and endure it after a fixed period of 3 weeks.

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Veterinary certificates

To enter the EU, you need an international Pet Passport, filled in block letters in English. The certificate must contain the number of the microchip. The certificate is valid for 10 days before crossing the border and 4 months after entering the EU.

When entering the EU, a dog should look healthy. Otherwise, when passing through customs control, you may need to consult a veterinarian, which is paid at the owner’s cost.

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