Mondioring Dog Sport

You've always wondered What is Moтdioring sport? So here we give you general cocept of this. You are going to learn why a lot of dog owners distinguish this type of dog training from many others.

What is Mondioring Training

Mondioring (mondioring - a "world ring") is a specific training, which includes the main elements of several others: obedience, protection and guard, sports exercises (e.g. jumps). In general, Mondioring is one of the most popular and actively developing types of dog training, but for many dog handlers it raises the question: Does Mondioring provide real protection skills or does the dog only have a “demonstration performance”?

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All Europe in the ring

As a separate training system, Mondioring owes its emergence primarily to dog experts from Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. This combination is not accidental: the main objective of the Mondioring was the unification of several national European training systems (French Ring, Dutch KNPV, German Schutzhund), so that dog handlers and their pets from different countries could participate in general international competitions held according to the same rules. Soon the system became widespread in Europe, and then it was "put into service" overseas as well - in the United States and Canada.
Distinctive features of Mondioring are saturation and complexity, a combination of a large number of various elements, and distracting factors as well (a shot or a loud noise nearby a dog, falling objects, pouring water). Besides regular obedience exercises, during Mondioring a dog must perform several attacks: with grip and without, in frontal and in pursuit, interrupted attack (on a trainer’s command). Such complex set of actions requires dog’s constant alertness, his close interaction with the handler. Herein Mondioring perfectly reveals the general level of intelligence and physical capabilities of a dog, shows his character and skills.

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Too much, too little - or just right?

However, despite Mondioring is an interesting sport and an exciting spectacle - some dog owners are skeptical about it. Some people are abashed by the fact that in Mondioring a dog is actively encouraged to bite a decoy (a person in a protective suit who plays the role of an intruder – he "attacks" a dog, tries to take away the protected item): can the dog become too aggressive? Others are not satisfied with the fact that a decoy has no right to defend or attack as it happens in real life: it is forbidden to hurt a dog in the ring - which means a dog will never be ready for a real fight and retreat at the first blow.

In fact, both of them are not quite right - Mondioring simply has one small “secret”: this training system is not suitable for all breeds - and not for all dogs. A good-natured, friendly dog (for example, the Labrador) Mondioring can really “confuse”: such dog will not become a guard, but it will be completely lost. At the same time, for some dogs that are tended to aggression, Mondioring lessons can make uncontrollable - but this again indicates errors in training. However service dogs, especially German Shepherds and Malinois, show high performance in this sport.


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