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We are happy to welcome You at our site for dog accessories. At this pet shop You may find a lot of necessary things for your four-legged friends. Our dog store has a rich choice of equipment and accouterments for professional dog training and specialized wear for trainers and persons involved.


There is a great variety of dog collars, dog muzzles, leashes / leads, harnesses and many other equipment. There are products for all dog breeds at our online pet shop. Our site for dogs successfully cooperates with a lot of dog breeder clubs and dog training schools all over the world for many years, on the base of which the produced goods for dogs are tested. That's why we produce dog training equipment of high quality, reliability and experienced use. Our online pet shops work all over the world. We sell pet goods at American, European and Asian market. Our dog store tries to reach everyone who needs our production. We are happy to cooperate with You.

We are grateful to see our Customers' comments and recommendations.

We tried to make the process of purchase maximum simple at our online dog store. And we try to meet the requirements of our Customers as much as possible.

And our online pet supplies store is glad to represent our production to You. Our company is dynamic. It constantly develops and enriches the choice of produced dog goods.We would like to say, that if You have not found the equipment that is necessary for Your pet or a suitable size, just write to us and we will try to help You.We want to let You know with a proud, that our company produces items for large dogs, items of nonstandard sizes.All You need is to contact our representative.Turn Your attention that all the assortment of the dog goods is made of especially selected and impregnated leather of high quality. There is only flawless leather of high quality that is used for production. Before delivering the items go through three steps of control. In the result You get in Your hands a high quality product.


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