Puppy Toilet Training

How to Train a Puppy to Toilet?

The most vital question arising when a puppy appeared at your home, is how to train a puppy to a toilet. You'll need patience, knowledge, newspapers and go ahead! Trying hard, you will surely train your puppy to relieve at a proper place.

It is disappointing to hear some people telling about their 'stupid dogs' that does not want to train to a toilet even after they 'rub its nose in it'. Don't do this. With these actions you do only a harm to your pet. Never punish or tell off a dog if you find a puddle, unless you find him or her at the act. Otherwise a dog will have no idea why it is punished. Even if there are just 10 seconds after the accident. Punish a dog if you have caught it while the action. The punishment is the command "stop it/drop it/no".

Here is the advice for any dog training: be patient and calm.

When you bring the little creature to you home, you define a definite place for its being. For example, at first it is a lobby. Cover all the floor of the hall with a double layer of newspapers. There go any newspapers, even glance ones. The method of training is a as follows: at first a puppy relieves at any newspaper he likes. Then you take off some newspapers gradually making the area for relieving smaller, but each time leave one newspaper with the smell of the puppy. It should relieve at a newspaper it used to, with a common smell for a puppy, but not at the uncovered floor area. It is supposed, that at last there will leave only one newspaper, at a common place, where the puppy will go each time it wants "to go". Then this newspaper is put to a tray if you want to train a puppy to relieve it it.

If you leave at a house, move the newspapers and the one with its scent towards the door and then out into the garden. The puppy recognizes its unique smell and will reinforce it.

But in fact, it works far not always. A puppy may relieve anywhere even if you use papers. If you puppy has an accident, don't be angry. Always clean the floor thoroughly to remove the odour from the spot; otherwise your puppy will continue to use the same place.

We will make a little correction to the toilet training with papers. Be alert. When a puppy just wakes up - bring him outside or to the toilet place. Praise your dog each time it relieves at a proper place and ignore when it does not. A dog should feel what do you want from it.

A puppy sleeps literally after each hour. Be patient and watch when it sits to make a spot and grab it to bring it fast to the toilet place.

Be ready to bring a puppy to a toilet several minutes after feeding. Read more How to feed a puppy and a dog and What products are harmful for dogs. A puppy is a very sociable creature. Let it play with the family members and run free. But be alert: after playing a puppy will usually like "to go". You may notice it by its unsteady behavior and circling around, looking and sniffing for a place to relieve. Always praise a dog ("Good girl/boy") when it does it at a proper place. When it does it at a wrong place, use a command "stop it/no". Don't slap a dog until it is a little older.

You may ask: "What is the use of the papers?" There is a huge use of them! How can you train a puppy to a toilet when you are at work at day hours and sleep at night, or there is nobody home? It happens, that a dog have to be left alone and here you will use the newspapers method.

It is not easy to tell, how much time puppy toilet training  takes. A lot depends on a dog breed, age and to 80% on the owners actions. A three months old puppy is easier for toilet training, than a monthly puppy.

It will be reasonable to repeat be patient! Of course, sometimes we cannot help but cry and get angry, but then the reason is not a puppy but its owner. A pet is not to suffer.

We hope, that the article will be helpful and useful for you. Good luck!