Dog Behaviour. How do You Stop a Dog from Chewing?

Dog Behaviour. Dog chewing furniture. Puppy chewing furniture.

A puppy at home always brings pleasant, positive emotions and joy. But any dog owner surely faces the problems , troubles and difficulties of dog behavior.

Along with dog training to a toilet, collar and leash, we train it also to its name, new place and other commands, there will be a try of a puppy to sharpen teeth. So, it is the very time to get to know how to break a puppy's habit to gnaw and chew everything around.

A dog chews everything, because it does not estimate the cost of the things. It does not care what to chew: whether it is your new shoes or expensive furniture, or a cheap tasty bone. Do you catch the hint?

The process of training a dog not to chew furniture, wall-papers, shoes, wires, trees, claws, leg and many other things - is quite simple. The difficult lies in the ability to be alert enough to stop an undesirable action in time, prohibiting a dog to taste everything around. Don't be naive, that you will train your dog not to do these dirty tricks fast. It will take a definite time.

It is easier and faster to train an adult dog (of course, it depends on a dog and your relationship). A puppy will need more time for this. The process of breaking this habit is connected with use of punishment and forbidding commands. And a puppy should not be punished by a slap, unlike an adult dog (at least until it is 3 months old).

Of course, pet should not be beaten at all, but there is a great difference between a punishment and violence. We hope, you feel the difference.

First of all you have to read the articles about the command "drop it/stop it" training and How to punish a dog (puppy). It will help you a lot to get obedience of your dog and to break its bad habits.

How do you stop a dog from chewing everything maximum fast?

It will be reasonable to hide all expensive things and items it tried to bite. Or you may not hide them, but then you have to control your pet always to stop an undesirable action at once.

If your puppy or dog chews everything around, the help is only a punishment made in time. There are also sprays for breaking a dog habit to chew, methods where chewed items are rubbed with garlic or black pepper. But here we will tell about a 100% effective method, well-known and proved by time.

Example. A dog or a puppy chews things: wallpapers, shoes, does not matter what else, but constantly chews something. A little puppy should be just driven off by a game or calling to come up. Don't use a punishment so fast in the order not to do harm to a puppy. That's why take away expensive things and prepare a place, where a puppy will stay while you are absent.

A great method is to find a toy for your puppy, that will become its favorite and it will play with it chewing and taunting it. It is obligatory to buy a bone. let a dog do everything with it. At first you may keep it in your hand and play with a puppy, waving it, especially if a puppy wants to chew it. generally speaking, you should obligatory propose an alternative to chew for a puppy.

Example. A grown up puppy and an adult dog demands more patience, persistance and time for breaking a habit to chew everything. Of course, it happens more rarely that an adult dog chews something except a bone, but sometimes it does.

When you caught a dog chewing - command strictly "drop it" and use an irritant to a dog - make a slap by a hand at the croup area. The firs slap should not be strong, because for some dogs it is quite enough. But if a dog does not react and continues to chew, or if you caught it again chewing - obligatory make a stronger punishment making the slap stronger.

You should use the irritant correctly. Use it gradually: first slap is slight, then stronger, and if it does not work, a little more stronger until you find an optimal strength of punishment that will be effective enough and harmless for a dog. And then use it for training and upbringing of your dog.

Now you have just to control your dog or puppy to stop improper action in time and use a proper punishment. First is a command "drop it" and at once make a slap by hand on a croup.

You will break this habit faster if a dog will have a favorite dog toy and a bone to chew. You will get success if you will be patient, control you dog and if it will always play and communicate in a family circle. Puppies should play a lot. Give them a lot of attention. it is healthy for a dog and pleasant for you.

Remember:never punish a dog for a chewed thing if you have not caught it at the process of chewing. You can punish only when you see a dog chewing something. Other way a dog will not understand why it is punished.

But if you saw your dog chewing something and at once called it to come - never punish it when it comes up to you, even if it comes up without calling. it is a great mistake. if you are not sure if yoг have to punish a dog - it is better to avoid punishment.