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English Bulldog Muzzles

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Our English Bulldog muzzles are designed for special Bulldog flat snout form.
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It is not easy to choose English Bulldog muzzle, because of the individual short and broad snout of English Bulldogs. But our specialists created the best form of English Bulldog muzzles, that are the bestsellers and the most favorite among English Bulldog breeders UK! Our English Bulldog muzzles are handmade, perfectly ventilated and soft padded to prevent rubbing. English Bulldog muzzles supply your dog with safety and comfort.

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The English Bulldog Dog Breed Information

The imposing English Bulldog doesn’t seem to be quick - he reminds a strong thick set farmer. However, his agility can really surprise you.


The English Bulldog Dog Breed History

The breed got its title from the word “bull” in the 13th century in England. The Bulldogs pulled down the bulls. The English Bulldogs are extremely forceful. If they need something, they can rip everything in their path. In 1835 bullbaiting was banned and the breed almost disappeared. Fortunately, the group of fans saved the breed and the English Bulldog became a companion dog.
English aristocrats observed with admiration how forceful dogs were bullbaiting. Before the English Bulldog was used for bullbaiting weaker and smaller dogs died under heavy trotters of the bulls, and their owners usually left without bet money and a chance of celebrating the victory.
The Bulldog, typically called the English Bulldog or the British Bulldog, is a friendly, calm and good-natured dog. He is very self-confident. When other dogs ask their owners for help the English Bulldog says “I will cope myself in any case.” The English Bulldog has become the symbol of the US Marine Corps.
Royal Design Luxury Leather Dog Harness for a Gorgeous DogNowadays the English Bulldog breed is a 100% creation of the man. Today’s loving English Bulldogs used to be so cruel in the ancient time that they were banned from coming to the streets of Rome.
The English Mastiff and his lesser copy used by British butchers, cattle sellers and herders were also tried for bullbaiting.
The first Bulldogs were the dogs of different sizes, colors and jaw structure. The bulls performed natural selection killing the animals that were weak for fights. The man observed the fights and later developed the qualities of an ideal four-leg fighter.
Typically, Mastiff grasped the bull’s ear, neck or withers and tried to pull it down. But Mastiff often got under the bull’s trotters or on horns because of his big size.
Due to the long selection, the butcher dogs were more careful and had one more great trait – they tried to grasp the bull’s nose. This is the most sensitive part of the body of the trotter giant that is why the Bulldog could benumb and discourage it. By the way, the fight was over if the bull fell down or ran away from the arena.
Bullbaiting was banned in 1835, and numerous Bulldogs did not have anything to do. However, it was not for long – the qualities of the dogs were duly appreciated.
The Bulldogs quickly turned from fighters to perfect body guarders, defenders and just good companions.
However, after appearing in houses and royal rooms fearless Bulldogs had to sacrifice their difficult character. The English sent aggressive dogs to plantations to the New World and the dogs that left to protect aristocrats were trained because aggressive cruel Bulldogs were inappropriate to high society.
At that time a classic gentleman needed to have a right-mined dog, that is why breeders preferred balanced, loyal to strangers (to some extent) and reliable Bulldogs. Regretfully, such traits as fearlessness and insistence were lost during 're-education'.
Undoubtedly, today the Bulldog will protect his owner even without thinking. However, we will not see that warrior that fought with bulls along. But does it matter? The most important thing is that the English gave the world a loyal and wise friend.



English Bulldog Temperament and Description

English Bulldog has a funny snout with chicks and wrinkles. However, do not be under the delusion. The English Bulldog is very severe dog. The jaw shows teeth and pushes out. The wrinkles helped him during fights – even if the enemy grasped him, the English Bulldog could go on fighting. Also, the wrinkles prevented blood from getting into eyes. The wide shoulders and big head make the dog look stumpy.
The English Bulldog has a small pelvis. Due to its form, the English Bulldog female can not deliver without help of the vet. That’s why the English Bulldog puppies are usually delivered by Cesarean section. Besides, the English Bulldog is a brachycephalous dog which means that he has a pushed-in nose and head.
The English Bulldog breathes through open mouth and swallows a lot of air that is why he often gets gaseous. Do not pay attention to it; just buy some air freshener.
The English Bulldog remains the national dog of England. During World War II the Bulldog was considered the dog of Churchill because he was the embodiment of the UK strength and bravery though Sir Churchill had the Poodle.
The English Bulldog is a real stay-at-homer. He likes being somewhere near the sofa and can sleep all day round. He is from the dogs that do not like long walking. Besides, the English Bulldog is very stubborn. If he doesn’t want to do anything, you will need to take a lot of efforts to make him do what you want. His funny behaviour will make you smile often. The English Bulldog and children usually set friendly relations and he behaves great with them. He adores biting different stuff and, to avoid damaging your things, you need to give him toys and put away slippers. Have a look at our best dog toys for your Bulldog.
Large, Soft and Strong Leather Dog Harness with Brass Fittings English Bulldog Living Conditions
The English Bulldog does not like hot weather. If you live somewhere where it is very hot, the English Bulldog is not the best choice for you. The English Bulldog is a good choice for a life in a city. He doesn’t need regular exercises and running for an hour. He just needs walking for 20 minutes two times a day. The younger English Bulldog needs more exercises than older one.
If you hate smell and saliva, the English Bulldog is not for you. On the other hand, you can fall in love with him from the first sight. He adores being with his family.
English Bulldog Size
The English Bulldog is a medium dog breed. His height is around 35 cm to 40 cm. The weight of the male is around 25 kilo, and the English Bulldog female usually weighs 23 kilo.
The English Bulldog Lifespan
The English Bulldog belongs to the group of the dogs that often fall ill. He has many congenital and heritable diseases. He may have heart and locomotive system issues.
The English Bulldog usually lives around 8 to 10 years.
The English Bulldog Training and Upbringing
Unlike other breeds liking freedom, the Bulldog adapts to your home within several hours or days. He behaves as if he used to sleep on your doormat or eat from the bowl you gave him. Although the English Bulldog learns fast, he needs training and upbringing. Otherwise, one day you can face the fact that your dog doesn’t behave properly and is very naughty.
The first rule you need to remember – become a friend to your dog. If you put your dog to some cage, you will lose trust of your dog at once. If you want to bring up a good companion, your dog needs to be with his family.
Nevertheless, you have to show your English Bulldog that you are a leader. Otherwise, you will become a subordinate of your dog. The English Bulldog likes to lie on the sofa, chair, or carpet. However, do not allow him too much – tomorrow your English Bulldog will become an adult dog of an impressive size with strong jaws. That is why you need to prepare a place for your dog where he will feel safe and comfortable. By the way, the English Bulldog understands encouragement better than punishment. If your puppy bit your favourite slippers, just sit near him and explain to him calm and strictly that he behaved wrong.
If you are persuasive and do not leave your slippers near the place where the dog eats, this unpleasant accident will not happen again. Buy some special dog toys - this will entertain your dog, and you avoid damage to your furniture, clothes, and shoes.
If you achieve understanding with your dog, training will be easy. On the other hand, he can be very stubborn because he wants to do everything his way, and he has enough weight and muscles to do it. The English Bulldog is not the dog that nothing can be done about him. The Bulldogs live following their own rules. They are very lazy.
The Best Nylon Dog Harness with Handle for Small/Large DogsThey like lying everywhere but sometimes they can run. They like playing but as per their rules as if they live in their own world. You are just for feeding and entertaining him. To train the English Bulldog, you need to understand his stimuli. It can be food, encouragement etc. When you understand what stimulates your dog, use it for training. If you want to follow your rules, you will not succeed in training your dog.
To teach your English Bulldog how to behave good is not difficult. It is important to be specially caring and patient during the first two to three months.
English Bulldog Health and Care
You need to be very attentive when your young dog is growing because your dog has unusual appearance.
He has a short flat snout because of which he can snore very loudly while sleeping. By the way, this is one more reason why you should relocate your dog from the sofa to the floor or, even better, to other room.
Besides, the English Bulldog suffers from difficult breathing and has a weak heart due to his special body structure. He is not able to work long and intensely - he will not be an ideal companion to those who like long walking or running.
English Bulldog puppies should not be overloaded. Mental and physical overload at the young age may have serious consequences.
Lastly, the English Bulldog are prone to obesity due to slow metabolism. Also, he has weak joints. The combination of obesity and weak joints often leads to serious injuries.
One more issue is allergies to English Bulldog that can be caused by flowers, herbs, flower dust, and even sun. Once you notice the first symptoms, you need to consult with the vet who can advise how to protect your dog.