How to Stop a Dog Jumping Up

How to stop a dog jumping up

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Dog training is an activity, that demands to be regular and clear. Some commands are quite easy to remember, and some need a lot of time and patience. But the patience and time will be rewarded when you get a well-bred pet that does not make you be ashamed outside at a walk or with guests.

What to do if your dog is jumping? It is a very unpleasant habit. Nobody wants his clean and white clothes to be covered with stamps of dog pads. Or if it is a strange person coming in to your house and greeting your dog? Or your dog jumps at an old person or a child? You don't you like to be ashamed, do you? Than remember these easy rules.

Firs of all,  train your dog not to jump at you. A dog will not understand why it is not allowed to jump at other people, while it is jumping at his owners. To stop the wrong behavior, you should kick your dog breast with your knee right at the moment it is jumping. Being stopped so fast and strictly, a dog will understand that he is doing wrong. by the way, owner's knee is not associated with the owner's person directly, and it comes that the punishment goes not from the owner. And then the owner does not become "bad" in dog's eyes.

Of course, your guest may do not know about this way of dog breeding. That's why it is reasonable to teach them ahead to react this way. Or train a dog before guests' coming. With this intention put a dog on a long leash. When he tries to jump meeting somebody, pull on a leash. If a dog is not jumping, praise him. Do not forget to praise a dog each time it behaves the right way. Sometimes positive emotions act better for dog well-breeding than negative ones.

One more reason for dog jumping is the attempt to be noticed and attract attention. A dog thinks that the higher it jumps, the more attention and pampering he gets.

That's why let a dog know that he can get attention in other way, standing on four legs and without jumping. Bend more often to pamper your dog and pat it. As the result, a dog will be pleased with your attention and will behave better. There will be no reasons for jumping to deserve the attention of his owner.

While the correction of dog behavior, do not forget to add word commands like "drop it", "stop it", "no". Be strict and consistent. Let a dog understand clearly which type of behavior you are waiting for and you will get the result. Everything is in your hands!

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