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Cane Corso Muzzles

Cane Corso muzzles by Fordogtrainers are produced since 1995. Our specialists have a rich experience and use it to design the best muzzle of individual form for a definite dog breed.
We understand that it is not easy to make a choice of dog muzzle without trying it on.
We will try our best to choose the best dog muzzle for your Cane Corso or other dog breed. All we need is the correct sizes of your dog. Please, take them carefully using our measuring guide and fill in at the fields required while ordering. Or send the sizes to us and we will suggest the muzzle model and size for your dog.
We are always ready to help. Contact us at
If the muzzle will not satisfy dog size or needs, we are always ready to help you and suggest a better option.
We provide fast world-wide shipping.
You will get quality, certified product for the best price from the producer directly.
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Cane Corso dog breed originates from ancient Roman fighting dogs of gladiators. Cane Corso is bred first of all as a working dog breed, and its physical charcteristics show its high ability to work.
Cane Corso dog breed is a dog breed for guard and service. Cane Corso dogs are strong, endurable and very clever. They have perfect intuition and inborn guard abilities. They do not confuse play and real danger. But Cane Corso will not act aggressive without a special command or reason.
Thus, it is a great bodyguard with inborn feeling of territory, fearless and able to make independent decisions.
Cane Corso is quite a large dog, strong, powerful, very elegant and muscular, with strong bones and legs.
We produce special K9 equipment for large working dogs. With our professional training tools your dog will perform its work perfectly.

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