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Products for dog care, dog training, service work, attack and agitation training.
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Ultra strong and safe dog bite toys of French linen designed for puppies, young and grown-up dogs will vary your daily trainings. We offer you long and short biting toys with handles, biting pillows, biting pad, as well as dog biting balls for professional dog trainings and games. All the bite tugs are made of hypoallergenic French linen, mix of synthetic materials and natural fiber, which is nontoxic and resistant to a dog’s sharp teeth. With the help of soft and bright accessories you can easily develop your puppy’s correct grip, also you can teach young dogs new commands and motivate grown-up pets. Dog bite tugs are light and they have easy-to-use handles for your comfort during the trainings. Dog biting tools, which you can buy for a very good price at our online store, will become your favorite devices for dog training, games and motivation!