German Shepherd Training and Sports

The German Shepherd is a PERFECT DOG, the possibilities of which are limited only by our time and efforts. In this article you are going to know key features of competent German Shepherd training.

German Shepherd Dog Training and Upbringing

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Undoubtedly any dog must be trained well. And it’s equally important to upraise a dog in a proper way. A well-behaved dog is a happy dog. He knows his place in the "flock" (hierarchy) and the rules to follow in order to exist safely. And on the contrary, to be an owner of a disobedient canine is the same thing as to wear tight shoes, and a dog himself is constantly under stress, since he does not know which of his actions provoke the punishment.

  • Do not confuse dog upbringing and dog training.                                                                                                                           
  • Upbringing is what you do from his puppyhood, teaching him to be clean and to behave properly in various situations. During upbringing different methods are widely used (positive and negative inducement, motivation, etc.)
  • Dog training is a process of developing certain dog’s skills in response to a trainer’s commands or according to the situation. Repetition of obedience courses is often used to correct dog’s behavior and reduce the hierarchical status of problem dogs.

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According to dog experts, the German Shepherd puppies should have up to 3 months of extensive communication with the surrounding world, since a dog’s outlook is formed up to this time. Up to 6 months, puppies should spend as much time with the owner as possible. All prohibiting commands should be minimize and any punishments should be excluded in this period. Control and don’t allow undesirable behavior of the puppy rather than punish him. A real German Shepherd is grown only in such conditions to be calm, self-confident, cheerful, fearless and dedicated to the owner. Play with your puppy - in the future playing need will become one of your methods of dog motivational training.

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So, having purchased a puppy, you have about 4 months left to decide where and what method you will train your German Shepherd. During this time you need to read at least one book on dog training.

When choosing a training ground and a trainer, ask how many dogs of this specialist have passed the appropriate trials, how many are participating in dog training competitions. If you need a dog for protection, it’s better to start training with a standard obedience course, and then undergo additional dog training.

Believe me, dog training is a fun entertaining mutual process. We train them, they train us. Only in the process of training you will recognize all the nuances of your dog’s behavior, make a strong bond with him, learn to understand your dog and anticipate his actions, and withal know yourself better. Take the process with creativity: analyze situations, think of better ways to motivate your dog.

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Even the best trainer doesn’t know your dog as well as you do. All dogs work for the only reward – the owner’s attention and approval. At the initial stage, we show them our approval through a treat or a ball, later this method is set aside as unnecessary - when a full contact with the dog is achieved - and the dog works “for the love of art”, but in fact - for the love of you.

As it happens, we have grown two dogs - peers. They simultaneously train and simultaneously pass the training trials. They are dogs with different nature and temperament with different food preferences. When we were preparing to pass the IPO-3 on the track work, a funny thing happened: Bowls with my dogs' food were placed in the trunk of a trainer's car, which was left ajar. While we were waiting for the scheduled time and chatting nicely, Umbro ate his food from a bowl. We felt bad for the case as we had lost time on the road and the dog had no treats for work. My dog Caesar performed the first. He worked out all the turns, identified the objects, licked 4 pieces of meat on the track, and eventually he refused the bowl with food. The next was Umbro. He worked with interest on the trail, recognized the objects, ate the deserved 4 pieces of meat, and after graduation he demanded his bowl of food.

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The main types of German Shepherd training are IPO, K9 and obedience dog training. These types of training give opportunity to take part in specialized working breeds dogs competitions and shows.

In our opinion, the best type of training for a German Shepherd is IPO. Historically, IPO was developed by German specialists on the basis of Schutzhund, and taking into account the latest changes, these two types are practically the same. So, the World Championship is held under the IPO / VPG program. Behavior testing at German Shepherd Trials is also conducted on the basis of two exercises from the “Protection” Section of Schutzhund.

There is a variety of sports for a dog. You can choose the most suitable for your dog, and in addition to an interesting pastime one day it might lead you to the sports Olympus.

I wish you every enjoyment and success.


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