How to Clean Leather Muzzles for Dogs?

Dog gear: leather care tips

As any product that is made of natural leather, a leather dog muzzle requires a right care. We insist on regular cleaning of a dog muzzle from wet, dust, mug, dog saliva etc. after each dog walking. Dirty dog muzzle may contain an infection!
When dog muzzle is washed, wipe it dry by a natural fabric rag.
Do not dry a leather dog muzzle close to the sources of heating and fire. Heat influence may damage and change the state of natural leather product.

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Leather dog muzzle storage tips

Keep a leather dog muzzle in a dry, warm place. Put it into a special bag of natural fabric (cotton, linen). It will safe a leather dog muzzle (or other dog gear) from dust and excessive wet. The fabric should be ventilated. That's why natural cloth of bag is very important.
Do not wear leather dog gear on your dog in heavy rain. If a leather dog muzzle, harness or collar is got wet through, wipe it with a dry cloth and hang it to get dry in room temperature without use of heaters.
For colored leather dog gear straight sunlight is harmful. It may change color.

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If you wish leather dog gear to keep shiny, flexible and soft, use a quality leather conditioner.

Beeswax Leather Care Conditioner

We hope that our leather care tips will help you to enjoy quality and nice look of leather dog products much longer.


It is forbidden:

1. To use food oils for leather treatment.
2. To use machine oils for leather care.
3. Put a leather item into oil completely.
4. To put leather items into a microwave.
5. To change design and elements of a dog gear by yourself.
6. To keep and store leather items in a polyethylene bags.

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