Why Do Dogs Dig | How to Stop a Dog from Digging?

Dog Digging

Dog behaviour problems are various, and we described the top 10 of them at our previous article. Now let's consider and try to explain and resolve the problem of dog digging.

Dog Digging ProblemDog digging is one of the common dog behaviour problems for many dog owners daily. There are some clues to understand, why do dogs dig, and thus, defeat the bad habit of your dog and save your nice yard.

Do Not Leave a Dog Outside Alone

The majority of dogs enjoy being outside a lot of time, playing, being in the air, running etc. But dog owners have no possibility to be outside with their pets all the day long. Therefore, some owners let dogs play outside alone on their own for a some time. In this situation dogs try to find how to entertain themselves, and you will not always be happy with the ways. One of these entertaining games for dogs on their own is digging holes along the yard. The most obvious way to fix this problem is to keep your dog supervised outside. If you cannot supervise a dog, do not leave it alone outside.

Dog Activity

dog behaviour problems reasonsThe reason of dog digging may lay in lack of dog activity. A dog may just be bored. Most dogs are physically active creatures and they need a lot of regular exercise and playtime to prevent boredom. Many dog behaviour problems occur because of dog being bored. The daily activity of your dog should be planned. Spend at least an hour a day playing with your dog. This needed time may be longer for more energetic dog breeds. There are many various activities, that will help your dog to entertain, socialize, get necessary mental stimulation, emotions experience and physical exercise. For instance:

Dog walking

Dog plays and games

Daily dog training sessions

Dog sports

Playing and walking, spending time in a dog park

Try, plan, combine these activities, and enjoy them with your dog to avoid problems, caused by dog boredom. if your dog is satisfied with physical and mental activity, gets enough exercise, emotions and playtime, you will forget about the problem of dog digging. Your dog will not need to entertain itself by digging being satisfied with these activities.

No Dog Toys Outside

dog toysIt is a common nature of dogs to hide their possessions in ground. If you leave dog toys outside, or let a dog play in the yard with toys on their own, it may easy lead to dog digging in your yard trying to bury the toys. The best way to avoid the problem is to allow dog playing with toys on its own inside only, or under your supervision and interaction outside.

Arrange a Place for Digging

You may work hard over the problem to stop a dog from digging, and still it may be unsuccessful. Some dog breeds are just naturally implied to dig, as well as they were originally bred to get a prey by digging its hole. These are such dog breeds, as Dachshunds and terriers. It may be tough to stop them digging, as it is in their nature. In this case, to save your yard, organize a definite place, where it is allowed for a dog to dig, such as sand box or a definite area in your yard. Train a dog to get used to dig in the allowed place only. At first make it by your supervision. Tell "no" each time a dog is digging outside the allowed spot and direct it to dig at the set area for digging. Praise a dog each time it is digging at the right place.

Go in for Dog Sports with Your Pet

dog sports activityYour active dog needs to express its energy. Dog sports is a great way for the workout of excessive energy. Physical activity embodied in dog sports will help you to entertain a dog and yourself. Dog sports develops dog skills, mental abilities, makes it healthy and pleased and prevents boredom. Dog sports will help you to avoid many problems, dog habits, that appear mostly because your dog is not active enough.

Such dog sport as Earth Dog is especially developed for terriers and Dachshund to satisfy their natural behaviour to dig, smell for prey in tunnels. This dog sport is much more pleasant for you and your dog, than digging your yard and garden over.

Temperature and Weather Conditions Influence

Sometimes the reason for dog digging problem is laid in the temperature. A dog is digging to cool itself in a hot weather condition. A dog makes a shady hole to lay there and cool down its body.

Keep an eye on temperature outside and do not leave a dog suffering from heat and creating digging problems and holes in your garden and yard. Provide a dog with a shady place to cool down in heat and sunny days and you will save the nice look of your lawns and flower beds.

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