Law on Dog Tag ID in the UK

How to Prevent your Dog from Getting Lost and Being Stolen

Leather Dog Collar with Personalized Name PlateSince April 6th, 2016 in the UK the law on dogs microchipping has come into effect. According to this every dog owner must ensure that their dog is registered on one of government-approved databases having passed the procedure of fixing unique integrated chip. Small identifying microcircuit is placed under the skin of your pet usually between the shoulder blades. Dog owner’s details are entered along with the microchip number on a database. So that your dog is easily to return to you if it has lost or stolen.

Also according to dog ID tag uk law (1992) wearing a dog name tag in a public place is obligatory in the country. This personalized ID tag for dog must contain dog’s owner name and address. There is no strict rule concerning the phone number on it. But still it is essential data that will prevent your dearest pet from lost. Every responsible dog owner cares about pet’s safety and follows the established rules.

Be noted here that you will be fined up to £5,000 if your dog does not wear dog identification tag.

Nylon Dog Collar with Name PlateHow to make the dog collar tag more helpful and informative?  Here you can find some examples what details are better to place on dog ID badge. Since dogs theft can be a true danger for your pet, please follow our recommendation and do not put the name of your doggie on the name plate. Such details can only lend a hand to malefactors who can call your dog by its name assuring to be a dog owner.

Answering your question - What to put on ID tag for dog? Please take a look at really necessary information that can be placed on a dog tag.

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Be prudent and follow the law that stands that firstly your dog must be wearing a dog name plate when in public and you have to microchip your pet for safety and control reasons.

See the list of dogs that are free from wearing a dog ID tag:
-    Guide dogs working for Blind Association
-    Search and rescue dogs
-    Service dogs of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, HM Customs and police dogs.
-    Hound and hunting dogs
-    Dogs participating in competitions
-    Shepherd dogs for a sheep herd