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Rottweiler Muzzles

Rottweiler is a working dog breed from Molosses group. It was bred in Rottweil (Germany) in XVIII.
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Rottweilers are large, powerful dogs with strong character. These dogs are active, energetic and enduring.
Rottweilers are devoted guards and they will do all possible to defend their owner.
Character of Rottweilers is balanced, devoted and obedient, kind. They love children. But they are reserved with strangers.
For training of Rottweiler there is needed a professional. It is a strongly dominated dog. But it finds mutual understanding with other home pets if grows with them from its early age.
It is fearless and has fast reaction.
Rottweilers do not need much special care. They don't need trimming and fur-cut.
Rottweilers are used as family dogs, working dogs at police, rescue, search, guide dogs, family pets and fit for obedience competitions.