Cleaning Dog Teeth | How To Clean Dogs Teeth

Cleaning Dog Teeth | How To Clean Dogs Teeth

Cleaning dog teeth is an important rule to keep your dog healthy and nice looking. Dog teeth health is responsible not only for dog nice look, but also for its healthy digesting. That's why let's pay attention to this matter and view it closer.

Many dogs as well as their owners like to do dog teeth brushing. However dog dental care is important and we cannot neglect it. What to do if a dog does not like tooth brushing procedure? We have figured out the 6 tips how to keep dog teeth healthy and nice without brushing.

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1) Water Supplements

Cleaning dog teeth by a brush cannot be fully substituted by water supplements, but it will help to reduce plaque and freshen dog breath. Such additives contain ingredients that fight dog bad breath and plaque. Consult a veterinarian how to use such dog teeth care supplements.

2) Dog Dental Care Treats

There are special dog treats that can help to fight plaque and tartar. They contain special ingredients for dental care. However, they cannot substitute brush cleaning dog teeth completely. Take into account, that they may contain more calories than you expect.

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3) Dog Chewing Raw Bones

Natural and pleasant way to for cleaning dog teeth is chewing raw bones. The choice of bones for dog chewing depends on dog size and type. There are labels at bones sold at pet stores that may help you to choose the particular ones for your dog size and type. Buying bones for your dog at the butcher consider lamb shanks and necks. These parts are simple for digesting and useful for dental care and for cleaning dog teeth.

4) Foam for Dog Teeth Care

Dog dental care foam is easy to use. Just spray it onto dog teeth and gums. Pay attention that it should be completely natural.

5) Dog Dental Care Toys

There is a variety of dog toys at our online store that will help you to reduce, eliminate and prevent dog bad breath, plaque and tartar. Some of them are flavoured and some are produced with a teeth cleaning dog treat. You will find a rich choice of dog toys of small and large sizes for any dog. They scratch off tartar while a dog chewing a toy. Dog chewing toy massages dog gums and cleans teeth. In addition, dog chewing stimulates digesting and improves it.

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6) Diet for Healthy Dog Teeth

Many dog treat suppliers provide dog treats with a dental health formula. Such dog treats have larger kibble sizes that helps reduce plaque. Turn your attention to the dog treats with the approval seal of the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC).

Non of these tips is not able to substitute completely dog teeth cleaning by brush. But complete the dental care of your dog with these methods to make your dog healthier.