Advanced Dog Training of "Sit" Command

“Sit!” Command Training with Distracting Factors

In this exercise a dog should stay in the lying position during some time when the owner is present, but there are other people, animals or other distracting factors. Command a dog to lie down, move 20-30 steps from the dog, and then ask a friend with a dog to walk on some distance, but close to you. If the dog tries to get up to see what is going on, command “Stop! Place!”. The next level is that the owner hides behind the fence or a tree, and watches his dog from the distance.

If the dog tries to get up, you should command “Stop! Place!” walking out from your shelter. It’s important to make changes gradually. The owner should have enough intuition to go out from the shelter right in that moment when the dog starts to be anxious and decides to search for him. All the exercises connected with the lying position shouldn’t be performed more than once a day. A dog gets encouragement for every successful exercise, as this skill requires a definite self-restriction that needs to be additionally awarded. 

German Shepherd Training Wearing Spiked Dog Collar

Training a Dog “Sit!” Command While Moving Away and Towards the Dog

In this exercise stop as you usually do while leading without a dog lead. The dog already knows that it should sit down.

Command “Sit! Place!” and move some steps away facing the dog and stretching out the right hand towards the pet’s snout. Hearing familiar commands the dog will stand still. In this case come back to the pet with your usual pace, stand to the right and praise the dog, hen start to move away again.

Dog Walking with a Wire Dog Muzzle

If the dog tries to stand up, give a command “Stop! Place!”, then wail some seconds and come back to the pet. Gradually start performing all the exercises from the very beginning till the end. First, move 30-40 steps away from the dog, that sits still and waits for you. Then stand still with your back to the dog, and finally, come back to your pet. It’s possible that the dog will make a mistake on the stage of your coming back, as wants to run towards you. In this situation give a command “Stop!” stretching out your hand to the dog.

When you come up to the dog, praise it and let frisk as much as it wants. The dog should understand that it may have fun only after completing exercises. Do not use severe voice tone, as too much of authoritarianism will cause a desire to take a lying position in the moment of your coming back to the dog. Meanwhile this exercise implies the dog in sitting position.

Equipment for advanced dog commands training:

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