Jute Tugs for Dog Training

Strong dog training tools made of jute: dog bite tugs, bite rolls, bite pads and rags.
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Best Sellers - Jute Tugs for Dog Training

Especially for your pet’s comfort and safety our specialists have designed dog bite toys made of high density jute. Jute is a hypoallergenic natural material, which have acquired an excellent reputation among professional trainers for its durability, lightness and strength. We represent jute dog bite tugs with handles of different sizes for puppies, young and grown-up dogs; soft jute biting toys, pillows and pads. All the toys are practical and easy in use. They don’t grind off the teeth and are safe for dog’s health. Jute dog biting toy gives a dog a great motivation, helps to raise your dog’s activity during training, games, learning new commands and developing grip skills.