Dog Grooming Types

Dog grooming is a necessary part of dog care

Dog breeds differ in size, temperament, and also in fur structure. We may divide them into moulting/non-moulting and soft-haired/wire-haired dogs. Dog grooming is more required for soft-haired and non-moulting dog breed, more seldom for wire-haired dogs.
Dog Basket Muzzle With Rubberized Wire For Any-Weather Use Regular dog grooming is required for soft-haired dogs whose hair grows constantly all over the body. That's why normal dog's life is impossible without grooming. Fur blocks dog ears, entangles in clots, and a dog gets problems with skin and hearing, various illnesses and parasites.
Dog's paws may hurt because of clots formed between fingers by dead fur, dirt and sweat.
Wire-haired dogs do not moult but they need simulated moult - clipping of fur, that is called as trimming. By this way wire fur becomes harder and fits snugly. Dogs without trimming look untidy: dead fur moults unevenly. That's why trimming is required at least twice a year but better each 1.5-2 months.
Soft-haried dogs' fur grows faster and they require grooming each 2-4 weeks, depending on a dog breed.

Non Pull Dog Harness for Siberian Husky Walking and Training Moulting dogs may be groomed for nice look only, if it is not a show dog.
As for dog grooming style, there are standards for definite dog breeds (poodles, yorks and others).
It is considered that poodle dog owners have the most difficult task of dog care. Besides regular grooming each two months, poodles require grooming of paws and snout monthly.
'Lion' is the classic dog grooming of poodles, when dog fur at the front dog body part it left long while legs and back are short-groomed. Paws and tail have 'pompons'.
Dog grooming 'modern' keeps dog fur of even length all over the dog body. But the tail has a traditional 'pompone'.
There are also dog groomings 'Royal Dutch', 'English Lion' and others.

Dog grooming types

Clipperwork - short dog grooming with a shearer. Released in the direction of dog fur or against the grain.
Leather Dog Muzzle UK for Large Dog Breeds Like RottweilerFlatwork - short dog grooming by scissors or shearer aimed at even dog fur length.
Top knot - dog grooming when dog fur is gathered and decorated by hairpins and bows. Top knot is obligatory for dogs with head fur more 10 cm and dogs with buns and protruding eyes.
Blending - dog grooming by thinning scissors. It makes invisible transitions between the upper and lower fur layer. This dog grooming makes a dog look nice and neat.
Show trim - is a show dog grooming, that includes many stages and is performed by professionals only.

Stripping - clipping for wire-haired dogs that is performed by a special knife. A dog is brushed before the stripping and then fur is removed by a knife, clipping it along the grain.
Placking - clipping the dead fur of a dog by fingers.
Dog hair grooming fashion varies each year. Dog owners of show dogs should follow dog grooming fashion.

Dog grooming tools:

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