How to Clean Dog's Ears

In this article we are going to learn How to treat your dog's ears safely and properly, Which means can be used for cleaning and How to accustom a dog to regular hygiene procedures.

How to Clear Ear Wax in Dogs

Ears are the main organ of a dog. Animal hearing is much better developed than human one. Full health requires a full and proper care. Let's consider how to clean ears of a dog in a right way. There are many forms of pinnas that require a special approach.
There are peculiar dog breeds that do not have ears - since they've been cropped in puppyhood. After such procedure puppy's ears are consolidated with patches to create a proper position. Most pets have ears of hanging or standing type. A varied ear shape was formed, based on a certain designation of each breed. For example, for a normal hunting breed, it's better to have hanging ears, so that parts of the body do not touch the roots, do not tear, while hounds need small ears.
French bulldog harnessExamination and cleaning of ears
Take care of dog's ears health to avoid inflammation. If you've noticed any redness, intumescence, oozing, dirt, unpleasant odor from ears, these are signs of infection. In order to notice in time when a dog is supposed to be shown to a doctor, a daily inspection is carried out, looking into pet's ears.
Depending on a breed and a type of an auricle, it is recommended to perform the cleaning procedure 1-2 times a week. If there is a little cerumen, cleaning is not recommended. An auricle is covered with fine hairs inside to prevent accumulation of dust, dirt and cerumen. While frequent cleaning, the hairs crumble and cease to perform their natural function. Cleaning procedure is to carry out only whenever necessary. Ears of some dogs are not cleaned for years.
Moreover, long hairs can grow inside the pinna as well. In course of time, hair dies and falls down into the ear canal. It is recommended to pluck it regularly. Such procedure is absolutely painless for a dog, just a little bit ticklish.
If a dog often shakes his head, scratching his ears, screeches when trying to touch, then it’s something wrong with an ear. Try to examine it yourself, and then see a vet. Here are some tips how to clean dog's ears:

  • An auricle inside is pink, warm and clean - you may examine it yourself;
  • A dense brown cerumen - remove it with a dry napkin;
  • Spikelets and ticks get into ears of any animal in the summer. It is recommended to get it out with tweezers on time;
  • A pet shakes his head after waking up - pour a drop of a special lotion and massage an auricle. Then remove the excess with a napkin or allow a dog to shake his head;
  • A frequent scratching of ears, pain once touch, inclination of a head - a sign of a serious illness, you must see a veterinarian immediately;
  • To avoid getting a water inside an ear while swimming you may use special powders for your pet.

Cocker Spaniel best harnessMeans for Dog Ears Treatment
To cleanse dog’s ears from cerumen, some dog owners widely use special means. What to clean a dog's ear with:

  • Hygiene dog wet wipes. They are impregnated with special compounds that do not irritate an auricle but dissolve dirt;
  • Wadded sticks are to be soaked with special lotions. Use a stick to clean an ear carefully so as not to damage it. Do not be afraid to tear the eardrum - it is behind a twist and can’t be reached with a wadded stick;  
  • Hygienic lotions are to collect dirt, dissolve cerumen and  take it out when massaging an ear or shaking a dog’s head;
  • Special powders are used to clean ears of long-eared breeds. They provide a removal of moisture, a better ventilation of an auricle, prevent dirt accumulation and scraping - conditions for fungi development;
  • Gauze, hydrogen peroxide, baby lotion and acetic acid are used for cleaning as well, carefully observing cleaning rules;
  • Wadded disks. Use them to accurately and carefully take out a cerumen and a dirt and to dry up an ear.

Rules How to Clean a Dog's Ears
In order not to cause pain to a dog, carefully perform the procedure. There are a number of recommendations and rules proposed by a veterinarian for cleaning ears of a dog. So here they are:

  1. Fixation of a dog. It’s not recommended to catch a dog intentionally for cleaning the ears. Align the procedure with the others. For example, after washing, you can regularly perform an examination of ears. It’s better to put a pet on his side and bend an ear upwards, if it hangs.
  2. Dog ear cleaning. During the procedure it is supposed to talk to a pet with a tender voice, to praise him. Begin cleaning from an examination. If there is a lot of dirt accumulating in a dog’s ear, but there are no signs of inflammation, first you should dissolve a dirt: moisten a cotton disc with lotion and put it into his auricle or use a special spray.
  3. Massage. Massage dog’s ear with gentle massage movements. This makes it possible to moisten the inner surface well, dissolve dirt, cerumen. Massage brings pleasure to a pet so he will not mind.
  4. Dog ear wax removal. If a dog wants to shake his head during the procedure, do not interfere, the movement will remove lotion excess. After a massage, take a dry rolled wadded disc and gently clean and wipe an ear canal and inner surface. Ear wands are acceptable.

Neopolitan Mastiff leather collarIf a dog is large, it’s difficult to remove cerumen with ear wands and cotton discs. Wind gauze on a finger, moisten it in a cleansing agent and perform the procedure.
Other means for ears cleaning are used very carefully. Peroxide is able to burn an auricle, while allergenic additives are found in children's lotions and soaps. Oils are used in cases when there is an abundance of adhered mud so fats soften the inner surface.
Auricles of lop eared dog breeds need an increased control. Due to constant clamping of ears to dog’s head, the space beneath them is poorly ventilated, damp and warm. Such conditions are conducive  for cerumen excess, accumulation of dirt and therefore for fungi development. It’s favorably once after cleaning procedure a special powder is used, which dries and removes surplus of moisture.
How to sedate dog to clean ears and get him accustomed to cleaning procedure
Worst when the dog does not allow cleaning his ears. This mandatory procedure, performed regularly cannot be neglected. Ideally, the puppy is taught to a number of treating procedures. Even without a direct need regular procedures for a little puppy should be carried out daily: combing along the body, touching his teeth, stomach, ears and claws examination.
If a dog has accustomed to procedures from his Pitbull spiked collarpuppyhood, he will not run away, squeal, snap and bite when difficulties arise. It is established that a dog’s memory dramatically improves under extraordinary circumstances. A pet remembers emotions for a lifetime, therefore some animals are afraid of a vet clinic, where they get in once illnesses or bites happen.
An adult dog can be accustomed to a procedure as well. Depending on a breed, it may take a different amount of time and patience. A pet should understand that such actions do not harm and he can come away any time.
A procedure of habituation begins with eye contact. When an owner is looking at his dog, a pet perceives a sight as a need for communication, contact. While cleaning procedure it’s better not to look at snapping pet, letting him calm down. Teaching a pet call and let him walk away, then call and stretch your hand to his ears, stroking his back or any other part. Then gently touch the ears, just picking them up. Terriers are able to show maximum stubbornness, while service dogs are easier to it.

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