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Dog Friendly Beaches at Mediterranean Seashore: Top 5

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There are dog owners, who even while travels and holidays do not leave their pets home alone. The most fashionable resorts of the world has admitted it and began to open special dog friendly beaches! The first and the top dog friendly beaches belong to Spain. So, here we represent to your attention 5 the best dog friendly beaches for your relaxed or active (the most important - dog friendly!) holiday with a dog without problems.
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San-Vincenzo in Tuscany. It is completely equipped and arranged for dog owners and dogs needs. The dog friendly beach in San-Vincenzo is placed at the Etruscan seashore 40 miles from Livorno. It is a real paradise with a lot of high class service for four-legged friends: bar, information table for dog owners, deck-chairs for dogs, beach umbrellas, trainings for dogs etc. Besides, there is a lot of entertainment for dogs in summer. Beach entry is fee.
"Beach 33", Rimini, Adriatic Seashore is the only place at the popular resort in the area of Rimini, where pet fans may spend their holidays with their pets. Beach is placed not far from Pizzele Kennedy and proposes one of the best services in Spain: water fountains, where dogs my bath and play, cabins, shower, and a lot of sport entertainment: beach volleyball, beach tennis, table tennis, swing, carrousel, merry-go-round. the only negative point - dogs are forbidden to swim in the sea. 
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Baubeach in Fiumicino is known as "the first free beach for happy dogs". It is a part of the beach line which belongs to Fiumucino city. It is a really a wonderful place for people, who want to enjoy summer holiday with their four-legged friends. There is absolutely everything you may need for good rest in "Baubeach": deck-chairs and umbrellas for dogs, mountain bikes, restaurant with organic food, children playgrounds and even consultations of veterinaries and professional dog breeders. Since 1998 "Baubeach" grounded a shelter for homeless animals and it gave refuge to and cured more 800 dogs for the last 10 years.
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"Bau-Bau Village" in Sport Badgine situated near sea resort Albisola Mare, several miles from Savon. It is one of the best beaches friendly for dogs. It's been known before as "Sport Badgine" and opened for dogs in 1996 and now it proposes everything for the visitors to spent good time and relax with their pets. The beach service includes bar-restaurant, all inclusive dog care, professional classes of agility, gymnastics, favorite dog game frisbee and a special shower with sweet water.
The Beach "Baubeach Spiaggia del Pietto" in Sardinia, Italy is one of the most beautiful city beaches of Italy and Mediterranean seashore. There are also wild beaches at Catalonia seashore where dog owners may play with their pets and bath in the sea.