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Dog Muzzle Rules UK. The Laws and Directions Touching Upon Dogs in the UK

Dog Muzzle Rules UKNowadays a dog is considered to be a friend of a human for centuries and has shown itself as a devoted friend and home guard. They are smart and intelligent, well-trained and obedient. But it goes without saying that a dog is still an animal with its instincts and reflexes, one of the most important is hunting and pursuit of the victim. And these instincts lay deep inside dogs psychology that is impossible to erase with the help of training.

This notion touches upon such dog breeds as the Greyhound and the Lurcher, that are bred to chase small animals. They may put its instinct in action being out, so it is recommended for such dogs to be muzzled when out.

Wire Dog Muzzle UK BestsellerWe should be responsible dog owners and care of safety people and other living beings around us. We cannot reject everyday walks or always walk at lonely places. Our dog needs socializing as well. But this socializing should be harmless. And with this intention a dog should be muzzled. It will prevent you from many troubles and will save not only the surroundings, but also your pet from chewing strange things, garbage or even poison. Nowadays a dog muzzle is not only the means for dog aggression, but also a safety tool for a dog itself in many daily cases: Dog Muzzles Reviews at Dog Forums.

There is a great choice of muzzles for any breed: wire basket muzzles, lightweight leather dog muzzles, special agitation police dog muzzles K9. You just need to choose the right one fit for your dog and its function.


Which dogs have to be muzzled in public UK


There are no laws in the UK that forbid to walk with a dog unmuzzled, but there still is limitation. The Dangerous dogs Act of 1991 singled out the Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentinos, the Japanese Tosa and the Fila Brasileira breeds as danger to the public.

Literally: "Persons from having in their possession or custody dogs belonging to types bred for fighting; to impose restrictions in respect of such dogs pending the coming into force of the prohibition; to enable restrictions to be imposed in relation to other types of dog which present a serious danger to the public; to make further provision for securing that dogs are kept under proper control; and for connected purposes." (DDA 1991)

Leather Dog Muzzle UK BestsellerWhat does it mean? This requires the dogs to wear a muzzle and be on a leash when walked in public. Also the requirement to these breeds and types to be registered and insured, neutered, tattooed and microchipped.
In other European countries it is forbidden and specified by law that a dog cannot be walked out in a public place without a dog muzzle.

Even a muzzle is not enough to make safe your dog and yourself  from troubles. Every dog owner should train his dog since the puppy age to be an obedient friend of his owner, proper socializing and not causing damages and injures to the others. And a dog muzzle is just a supply to help you with it. But it is not a tool and decision of a problem. It will not stop your dog barking and aggressive behavior. If your dog is too aggressive or loud - consult an experienced trainer and a vet.

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