Dog Training "Place" Command. Dog Walking Without a Lead

Dog Training "Place" Command

"Place" command is one of the most important basic commands, So, even if you are at the initial stage of dog training, our advice is to master this command with your dog or puppy.

Adog may be in standing or sitting position in this exercise. You should give a command “Place!”, reach out your hand towards the dog and move one-two steps away.

If the dog stays at its place, come back and stroke your pet. If it tries to follow you, say “Stop! Place!”.

It’s important to say “Stop!” as soon as the dog starts to move, and not when it has already done some steps towards you. Otherwise the dog will not learn that it needs to stay at the previous place. When you succeed in this initial stage, you should increase time and distance, until the dog understands that the command “Place” means not to move before another command is given.

Dog Training

This dog command is an extremely important exercise. You should devote to it as much time and energy as success of this command needs. Be ready to show your patience! We advise to use these exercises in dog's standing and sitting position.

Walking a Dog Without a Lead

Necessary dog training equipment is a dog collar and a dog lead, you may also need a dog training ball or a small pocket toy to make training more exciting.

This exercise is very similar to “leading a dog on a dog lead”. The only difference is the dog is free now, and can deviate from your control. It’s enough to have minimal knowledge of dog psychology for achieving optimal results in this exercise.

Dog Training Commands

You need to foresee dog’s possible mistakes and correct them before the dog has made these mistakes. Let’s start with the usual dog walking on a lead. After several steps, drop the dog lead on the pet’s back and continue to walk as before. The dog should to continue walking at ease. If you notice that it hesitates, it’s better to take a dog lead and to walk your pet like that. If the dog shows uncertainty, you should stop, command to “Sit!”, and stroke the dog letting your pet know that everything is alright.

After several dog training lessons the dog will learn to walk with the lead on its back. Then you may start to take off the dog lead and to walk a small distance. When you see that the dog follows you without a lead, you may gradually increase this distance.

We recommend you to use a dog ball or a favourite toy to make this exercise easier and more attractive for the pet. Hold a toy in the hand and give it to the dog when it walks some distance without a dog lead correctly. Then try to make this distance bigger. When the dog follows you along the straight line, start to complicate your route. The same as in exercises with a dog lead, you may use turnings, pace changing, etc.

Dog training equipment for "Place" command dog training lessons:

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