Dog Obedience Training. Command "Drop it"

How to train your dog to a command "drop it"?

The unbelievable ability of a puppy to find different trash outside and to eat it immediately is well-known for all dog owners. it is really serious problem that is to be broken. The command "drop it" will help you.

Of course, it is impossible to explain for a dog that it should not do it. For this problem resolving it is better to know how to train your dog or puppy to a command "drop it".

The command "drop it" will save you from many troubles in different situations. For example, if your dog decided to taste your boots, furniture or other objects etc. And it will be a good help for training your dog to a toilet.

This is the command that your puppy will hear the most frequently, at least in its young age. Puppies like to gather some things around the house and pack it into one place, chew it and play with them (for example your socks). It may seem funny, but your should not allow a dog this kind of behavior. If you forgive these actions when it is a puppy, it will be very difficult to make it not repeat it in its adult age. It may cause a lot of your problems.

The command "drop it" plays a great role in the process of upbringing. You should train to use this command the right way, the way you get a desirable result and do not spoil your dog. Because if you will treat your dog the wrong way you will not get any positive result.

After reading of this article we advice you to read how to punish a dog and a puppy proper way. It will help you to proceed the process of upbringing an obedient dog.

How to train a puppy to a command "drop it"?

If your puppy is 1-2 months old, you will need much more patience. In this tender age you should train a puppy very carefully, in the order not to damage its psyche. That's why we exclude physical punishment.

In the order to turn a puppy off from undesirable actions it is enough to turn its attention to a more interesting one. For example, you can take a little of food and a favorite toy. While dog's "dirty tricks" call it waving with a favorite toy. As soon as it runs up dropping a misdid, play with it a little while and after a short play give him a delicacy. Only this way you will be able to train a dog to the command "drop it" the right way. If you will give a delicacy right after it comes up, a puppy decides, that you praise it for the "dirty tricks".

But this kind of training is not always helpful. It is easier for a puppy smaller 3 months old to interpret positive emotions, for example, come up to the owner when he is calling, or to go walking on a command. At the same time, its reactions to drop something or not to do something are interpreted more difficult.

Often the distracting of puppy's attention by play and delicacy works, if your dog has found something on the ground and tries to chew it. But what to do if a puppy does not react to your calling with trying to distract it from its tricks? In this case you should say a strict command "drop it" and then open its snout and take off an object it tries to eat.

I think we agree, that we do not punish a dog until it is 3 months old. But if you have a very stubborn puppy, you should train your dog not to do undesirable actions with the help of a mechanical irritant. For example when it does something inappropriate (eats from the ground or chews something) we say "drop it" and at once, controlling the strength of a stroke, strike a puppy in the croup area (on a bottom).

While saying this command look into dog's eyes. Remember about the intonation. It should be strong and strict. But don't overplay. Don't scare a dog.

Beginning from 3 months old, you should think it over how to train a dog to the command "drop it". It makes no sense any more to distract its attention with a play and to watch its every move. her ewe come up to the most difficult command for dog owners. And the difficulty lays not in itself, but in the feeling of pity to beloved pets.

How not to hurt a dog but make it understand and obey your commands? How to determine the optimal strength of an irritant?

When you see a dog doing inappropriate things - say "drop it" and make at first a slight stroke. You should make a puppy stop doing undesirable action. If a dog does not react, make a stroke stronger. You should not repeat the command.

Now you understand the difficulty of this command. But here the alien is not the person who is beating. We have a definite goal - to train a dog to a command "drop it" in the order to save its life in the other circumstances many times in its future life.

How to train a dog to a command "drop it"?

An adult dog is punished the same way. The stroke is made at the area of croup, right after the command "drop it". Watch the strength of stroke and your voice intonation. Don't beat a dog at other body parts.

There are a lot of questions about the object with which you should punish your dog. The majority of dog owners use thin sprays, leash, rolled newspaper, any object or some cloth that is by your side at the moment. Some suppose that you should not beat a dog with a hand, because your dog will get angry with you and will remember its actions for long time. But we have another point of view.

It is possible to use a spray, but it is not always by your side in the needed moment. You can have nothing by your side appropriate for punishment, but you need to punish a dog immediately to prevent repeating of the misdid. If you will look for some object to punish a dog you can just lose time and it will be late for a dog understand the reason why you are striking it.

You will need to have with you the object for punishment all the time. It is just uncomfortable. Forget about it. You can and moreover, you should punish a dog by your hand. Don't be afraid that your dog will remember and will be angry with you. Your hands may punish, but may also pamper, feed, give a delicacy etc.

If a dog wears a collar when there is a need to punish it, just command "drop it" and make a pull on a leash. The pull should be strong and strict enough to make a dog understand, that it should stop these actions. If a dog does not obey, make a stronger pull.

This command is useful for training a dog to walk on a leash. While the first walks on a leash a dog will pull into different directions and get attracted by passers by, cats, other dogs and cars. Command "drop it" and make a strict pull on a leash to stop dog's inappropriate behavior.

A pinch collar is not sensible to use on a puppy. But it will be useful for an older puppy and adult dog. Use it for training a dog to obedient behavior. If a dog wears a pinch collar and a leash, make a command "drop it" and make a pull to make a dog obey. We will talk about pinch collars in the next articles.

If you have heard that a dog can be punished by different objects you have by your side, like a hat, glove etc., never use it! There are cases when a puppy gets angry with the object and may organize a real "war" with the object when it gets older. A dog may tear an object apart when gets it. But when you beat a dog with your hands - don't be afraid. We've already explained why above.

Dog upbringing is a very responsible decision. Mentally unbalanced people should not punish, command and have a dog at all.

We hope, that we explained all the details for training a dog to a command "drop it" and you will successfully manage it. We wish you good luck!