Dog Toys: How to Choose the Best Dog Toy?

Dog Toys: How to Choose the Best Dog Toys?

Dog toys are as important for a dog, as for a child. And if not every dog owner understands it, then our article is intended to convince them.

Dogs love playing, as well as kids.

Why do dogs need dog toys?

There is quite a frequent situation: a handler comes back home and sees a terrible situation. For example, flower pots lay down broken, or the shoes are torn apart or chewed. Of course, a handler will consider a dog guilty of the happened. But is it really a dog's fault? A poor creature being left home alone misses the owner and undergoes a terrible stress of being lonely and abandoned. Or a dog just feels bored, afraid, sore. Then a dog finds items to play. It may be the owner's shoes, that, by the way, keep his smell and that's why even more attractive for a dog than anything else. And a dog starts chewing the shoes trying to entertain itself and cure its stress. In this case it is useless to punish a dog. It is better to find something to entertain your dog while you are out.

Dog toys will perfectly perform this function! Dog toys are subdivided into outdoor and indoor. Outdoor dog toys are intended for fetching, catching, preying them and bring to the owner, tear them together with other dogs and indoor dog toys are intended for chewing.

Dog toys for indoors activity and entertaining are mostly made of rubber. These are dog chewing toys, squeaky dog toys making noise when squeezed, made in the form of various items, dog balls, bones etc. These dog chew toys may be also flavoured to fight dog's bad breath. Special form of dog chew toys may help a dog to massage dog teeth and gums and prevent dental problems.

Outdoor dog toys are dog balls, dog balls with rope, dog activity toys for fetching and catching, non-sinking rubber dog balls for water games etc.

Rubber Ball for Dog Water Games | Non Sinking Rubber Dog Ball Non Sinking in Water Dog Toy Ball with Rope, 2 in (5 cm) Interactive Dog Toys: Foam Rubber Dog Ball with Rope

Non-Sinking Light Rubber Dog Balls with Rope for Fetching

(click at the photos to view the details of each one)

Dog owners should remember, that a healthy life of their canine include not only feeding, walking, but also entertaining and activity. Dog toys help to keep your dog active, happy and healthy, prevent boredom and behaviour problems.

Great choice of dog toys makes us think over which dog toys are better.

While choosing a good dog toys for your dog, it is important to turn attention to its size. Large dog toys are not comfortable for small dogs, and on the other hand, too small dog toy is of no use and even dangerous for a large dog (as he may accidentally swallow it). To avoid it, a toy should correspond dog's snout size, but it should not be the size to fill in the dog snout completely. A dog toy should be a little smaller than a dog snout, but impossible for a dog to swallow it.

Dog toys types

1. Prey dog toys. Rubber dog ball, dog ball on rope, hollow or solid inside.

Hollow Rubber Dog Ball on Rope | Interactive Dog Toy Ball 

2. Squeaky dog toys that make sound when squeezed. Dogs like them for the sound. It attracts dog attention and may be used in training, outdoor and indoor games, to entertain your dog while you are out.

Rubber Ball for Dogs Footbal Outdoor Games, Squeaky


3. Dog feeding toys with a treat inside. Such dog toys have a hole inside for treat dispensing. They are used mostly for dog training, dog feeding and entertaining your dog. It is interesting for a dog to get the food in such an interesting way.

Tetraflex Dog Chewing Toy for Active Dog Feeding and Chewing, 4 Entertaining Large Dog Toys Made of Strong Rubber Foam, 5Indestructible Dog Toys for Large Dogs Fun with Treat Inside


4. Dental dog toys for dog teeth and gums care. They are perfect for dogs that like to chew and for puppies, who are in the period of teeth growth. They are made of safe, strong, solid rubber and are incredibly strong. Rubber dog toys for dog teeth and gums care may be also flavoured to fight dog bad breath problem. They massage gums and teeth.

Dog Bad Breath Cure Ball | Dog Teeth Hygiene Chewing Toy


5. Dog toys for pulling over. They train a dog to grip. These are mostly ropes. They are allowed for dogs with a formed bite, thus, no earlier than dogs over 1,5 y.o.

6. Dog training toys for commands training. Any dog toy may suit for dog training. But you may get professional dog training toys: dumbells, bite tools, bite developers, dog bite rags, tug toys etc.

7. Soft dog toys are also interesting for dogs. Dogs play, chew, tear and catch them with pleasure. Their negative side is that they become worn out faster than any others. Such dog toys should not have tiny details, in the order to avoid their swallowing. Do not allow your dog to play with a soft dog toy alone to prevent its tearing apart and eating of the filler.

soft dog toys

8. Flying dog fetch toys. These are toys for active dog playing. Dogs catch them in the air. Perfect dog toys for active dogs, who enjoy running.

Which dog toy is the best choice for your dog?

While choosing a dog toy for your beloved pet, first of all, consider its safety and taste of your dog. All dogs differ by temper and character. One dog likes running, preying, other enjoys chewing something for hours, another dog will enjoy rolling and catching a ball. Do not use toys, intended for children, made of plastic or soft materials. A dog may get a serious danger chewing and tearing such a toy. Remember, that a toys should be the size to be able to be placed in a dog snout. The toys of your dog belong to the dog only. Do not take them off a dog, give to another dog or a child. If a dog brakes a toy, do not punish him/her. Just throw it away if you see that it became unsuitable. To entertain your dog, buy several different toys. But do not give them all at once to your pet. Give them to a dog one by one each day. You may consult our specialists, and we will help you to choose the best dog toys for your dogs.