The Best Dog Breeds of Kind and Friendly Dogs

The Most Friendly Dog Breed


the most friendly dog breedsGenerally friendly dog breeds are interesting for people who are looking for a family pet for their children. But the wish to get a kind, friendly dog is common also for kindhearted, calm people and elderly people who are looking for communication of a four-legged friend.
Actually, there are many dog breeds, bred especially to be real companions, lacking aggression and full of love and devotion to the members of their family. These kinds of dogs are great with children. One more important feature, that they do not choose one single owner-leader.

Important: Under the notion of "a kind dog" we imply how friendly a dog is towards an owner and his relatives, strangers and other people. But it is not recommended to choose a dog up to its friendly nature only. Turn attention to dog activity and temperament, size and way of life and compare it to the life style of the future owner. Thus, kind but active dog breeds will not suit retired people that prefer calm routine. Active people with a lot of time to spend with a dog will like Border Collie. Less active people, but open for communication with a dog will like Keeshond. For people who are looking for a dog that would undergo loneliness and lack of communication we recommend patient St.Bernard dog.

Dog friendliness and kindness is not to be judged up to its size. It is well known that there are nice-looking small dog breeds that have aggressive temperament and impatience to strangers, or aggression to other dogs in walking, and otherwise, there are giant dogs that have calm temperament and patience, and perfectly live together even with cats.

The List of the Most Friendly Dog Breeds

newfoundland dog breedThe first place among the most friendly dogs is taken by Newfoundland. The representatives of this dog breed are fearless companion dogs with patient and friendly temperament. Newfoundland dogs are great nannies for children. They are very patient with naughty children. But if you decide to get a Newfoundland, take into account its big size and the need to take a proper care of its long fur.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a mild temper and is one of the kindest dog breeds. Originally it is bred to become a good companion dog.
Labrador Muzzle UKLabrador Retriever is a popular family dog for his stable temperament and loving attitude. Labrador Retriever dogs are clever and devoted dogs.
Golden Retriever dog breed representatives are self-assured, kind and friendly dogs, recognized as great companion dogs. Trustful pets with gentle temperament are equally devoted to all the family members.
St Bernard Dog MuzzleLoyal St. Bernard dogs are incredibly kind to all living beings. Gentle and loving giants will not leave anyone indifferent. But St. Bernard dogs extract many saliva.
Landseer is also in the list of the kindest dogs. It resembles St. Bernard dog temperament and appearance.
Havana Bichon may become the best friend. Funny but intelligent dog will bring many positive moments and will make you smile even when you are in blue. But it is not a dog for busy people, as he does not like loneliness.
Irish Wolfhound is a gentle and noble giant, patient with children. He is very kind, attached to people, but at the same time strong and ready to guard his family members, but only when it is required.
Active Border Collie is very kind and devoted. They are happy to play and communicate with people. They are great with children.
Gentle Bearded Collie are loyal dogs, that are good with kids but do not exhaust elderly people. They do not retrieve pets and are restricted with strangers.
Samoyede dog breedSamoyede is an incredible dog, loving, trusted and friendly to all family members and even strangers. It is an absolutely kind dog.
Bernese Sennenhounds are kind-hearted, calm, restricted to strangers. These are obedient, gentle, loyal, sometimes shy but not aggressive dogs.
Keeshonds are very attached to a person. They are ready to follow the owner everywhere, but without making troubles. These unpretentious dogs wish just to be around in one room even if the owner has no time or will to play.
Viszla is a hound dog breed. He is active, lively and gentle. This dog is devoted to his family and require communication. He chooses one owner and are calm with strangers.
Weimaraner is kind, clever, but active and requiring physical activity. That's why not every dog owner has enough energy for this active dog.
Pug dogs are wonderful creatures with cute appearance, always lively and loving, sincerely happy to communicate with the owner. These cute and funny dogs will give a lot of joy. They are very tightly attached to their owners.

The Best Choice of Leather Dog Harness for BullterrierSurprisingly, but Bullteriers are also friendly dogs. These wonderful creatures do not express aggression without reason. They are able to recognize the situations, when friendship is required, and those, where they need to protect the owner.
It is difficult to list all the friendly dog breeds, but the above list may be completed by sporty Irish Setter, playful Bichon Frise, charming Shi-Tsu, gentle Siberian Husky, Eurasier, Basset Hound, Papillon, Sussex Spaniel, English Setter, Labradoodle, Greyhound.
The friendliness of the listed dog breeds depends on the attention and love they achieve from their owners.
Do not forget that even the kindest dog breed may have representatives with deviations of behavior and temperament. But mostly the type of dog behavior depends on dog training and the circumstances he lives in. It is not enough just to get a dog of a definite dog breed, it requires a lot of efforts to raise a kind, well-bred dog.