Dog Obedience Training. Basic Dog Commands

Basic Dog Training Commands

What commands a dog should be trained first of all? Majority of people don't need to train a dog to the whole obedience training course. It is enough to train a dog to the most frequently used in the everyday life.

If you are going to take your dog to a training class, it will be training to the whole common course. We cannot say that it includes unnecessary commands, majority of them are useful in everyday practice. But it you will train a dog by yourself, it is not necessary to train it to all the commands.

Dog training is very useful, but it will not resolve behavior problems. Teach your puppy and try to resolve arsing problems of behavior at once. Remember, that it is possible to reach success in obedience training independent on dog sizes and breed.

If you are reading these lines, you are adult enough to train an obedient and well-bred dog. Physical strength does not matter in this aspect.

Obedience training course and dog basic commands training

We will mention every command and describe its use and purpose with possible links to a more detailed explanation.

Training to come when called, "come", of course, is the one of the most necessary and commonly used. As soon as a puppy appears at the porch of your house it can be trained to come when called. It is absolutely not difficult if you have a toy or a piece of food in your hand and follow it with a cheerful praise.

Train this command to a perfect obedience! A pet should cheerfully run to you just hearing your call, without turning attention at other dogs, cats. people and other beings. Be sure, it will be real if you follow the definite rules and tricks in training.

Command "heel/with me/close" is possible to train when a puppy is 3 months old. You will use it each time you are walking with your dog. But it is more difficult to train an adult dog to this command, than a puppy. That's why do not put off the moment of training but also don't regret that you have not trained your already adult dog. The most important is to begin it right now.

Place/Bed. A dog should go to a definite place, its bed. It is necessary to train a dog to a definite place for sleep and rest. It is important for a dog to have its own place where it will be able to rest without irritation and bothering of excess noise and minimum people presence.

Retrieve/Fetch/Get it may be trained from a puppy age. Don't wait that a 2-3 months old puppy will obey it fast. But with your patience and regular training you can get the positive result.

We cannot say that this command is very necessary, but it is effective for the dog mental and physical development. By the way, it is the base for other commands, such as rescue, search etc.

Hand command will be needed when a dog will bring you an object and you will want to get it from its mouth, or if it has in its mouth something inappropriate and you need to take it off. The training to this command does not take a lot of time. You can easy train  apuppy of 1-2 months old to do this with the help of a piece of food and a toy.

The command Sit is trained easy as well with the help of a delicacy and a toy. A little of patience, and each dog will do it already at the second training. It is a necessary command.

The command Lay down/Flat is not frequently used, but you will need it for vet visiting.

Stay command is commonly unnecessary. But it may be quite convenient for dog brushing or if you want to wash its paws after a walk. And it will be useful at the vet visiting as well, or while walking in a rainy weather.

The command Drop it/Stop it/Leave it/No is a command for both training and upbringing. A dog should stop doing something with one your strict word. Each responsible and self-respecting dog owner should train his dog to this command. Your dog will hear it quite often, especially at the beginning of the upbringing.

Wait is a command that makes a dog stay in the position it is and not move until it hears the next command. It is necessary for photographing a dog or waiting you at the store entry, for other commands training etc.

The commands Go and Up are not as necessary in everyday life. Training a dog to a command Up (to jump over obstacles, fences) you have the risk to get troubles that your dog will run from you or will jump to your neighbors (if you live in a house). Though it is trained quite easy.

Try to use the best delicacy for training, that your dog really likes and will try to get. When a dog is interested to get a prize, it will try to do a command better.

It is very effective for dog training to use a pinch dog collar. Don't think that it will hurt your dog. the most important is to use it correctly. And the result will be guaranteed!

These are all the most common and necessary dog commands. Don't forget, that a dog should be trained, but it does not decide the problems of behavior. Care of the proper upbringing of your dog.

We wish you luck in training of your dog and high spirits - it will be a good help for successful dog training.