The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Top 10 dog breeds

Do you know what is the most intelligent dog breed? If you want to have such a "smarty" dog - think it over very well before purchasing, if you are driven only with its intelligence qualities.

The intelligence of a dog expresses in a different way, as well as a human's one. The best dog features may be developed only with the help of a good dog owner, who spends a lot of time and powers for its training. Of course, you should take into account the intention, with which this dog breed was bred.

For example, if a dog was bred for shepherding, it should be fast, active, laborious, alert and obedient to its owner. It is considered, that shepherds are easier for training by a beginning dog trainer. Though, it may be difficult for a beginner to train dog breeds, intended for guard.

As well as some dog breeds deserve to be considered as easy to train, they are used to be the most intelligent. But any dog trainer will affirm, that it is possible to train any dog breed to basic commands, though they need more time for training.

Note, that even the smartest dog will not become well-trained "on its own". Even a dog of a well-trained breed does not guarantee obedience and a good behavior.

Your task as a dog owner is to breed and train a dog, taking into account the intention, with which it was bred. If you have no dog yet, think it over, how you imagine its function and purpose.

Top 10 smartest dog breeds

Here we represent the result of the research of a famous psychologist Stanley Coren, who compares the intelligence level of dogs according to the result of their training ability.

Being the psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, Stanley send out more 200 professional dog trainers tests with questions, where he asked to assess 110 dog breeds. The assessments were made on the results of obedience and training of a dog.

The fist breeds in the list are trained to the commands faster, than after 5 repeating and obey a trainer in 95% of cases out of 100%.

1. Border Collie.

They are real workaholics and are excellent shepherds. Border Collies are very smart and hard-working. Their shepherd instinct is so strong, that they may begin to shepherd family members and even pets.

2. Poodle.

It is really an intelligent and active dog breed. You may be surprised, but it was used in hunting earlier. A poodle is a great swimmer, and this ability helped hunters to get prey from water. Now the breed has just a decorative function and does not take part in hunting. At least, not all types of poodles are capable to do it nowadays.

But poodles are very good in "hunting" for truffles!

3. German Shepherd.



There are people, who do not like dogs, but there are no people who do not like German Shepherd. In the imagination of majority of people it is the image of dog intelligence and wit.

It will be easy for a beginner to train a German Shepherd, but do not forget that it may use its wittiness not only for commands remembering. If a dog loses interest or has not enough of stimulus, it tries to do all possible not to obey its owner, but at the same time to avoid punishment and get a benefit form a situation. Here German Shepherd is the champion of wittiness.

German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds. It is used in police, as a shepherd and of course as a devoted companion and a family member.

4. Golden Retriever.



These dogs are embodiment of intelligence, that will do all possible to make you like them. Originally they were bred by hunters for help in hunting and prey. But they are excellent as guide dogs for visually impaired people. Their perfect scent ability is used also in search and rescue services.

5. Doberman.



Doberman was originally bred for guard of its owner. It is frequently used in police and military services. This breed is known with its speed and hard-working ability. But they are wayward. Doberman has its own point of view, and, for example, if it is tired with your repeating of the same commands, it may just turn and go home... It happens with any dog breed, but Dobermans like to make tricks.

It does not mean, that Doberman will change your life with a horror and make you always worry. You just need a little more of control, attention and time for its bringing up and Doberman will become a perfect family pet. But it will not forget the purpose it is bred for.

6. Shelty (Shetland Shepherd).

Shelty is a miniature working Collie, bred as a shepherd. Generally speaking, it is the only work it makes perfectly. To be more clear, it did, because stopped to be used for this purpose. But they've found another work for a dog, where it is just perfect! It is a very beautiful long-haired dog. It is a lively, joyful, cheerful family friend and a great companion. It will be easy trained for basic commands and other tricks.

7. Labrador Retriever.



Ideal dog breed for a family with children, for active people, who like sport, and for everyone, who just likes nice dogs. they are incredibly friendly, gentle and smart. In fact, they are kind to any people, because they were never bred to be aggressive towards other people. The aggression of Labrador Retriever is even considered to be a flaw.

For an owner's praise they are able to do a lot. Labrador Retriever perfectly knows the way to its owner's heart. That's the answer why it is so popular, isn't it?

8. Papillon.

Cheerful dog breed, able to make its owner know about something important (as for its mind) with the help of its barking. It is like "a mini-bell". Its does not grow higher 30 cm.

9. Rottweiler.



It is a very powerful dog with strong bones and body built. It is a perfect police dog, shepherd, service dog, devoted companion and a therapy dog.

Rottweilers are easy trained, but they need a persistent and demanding and strong owner, who will be able to use its strength, character as well as a delicacy and praise.

10. Australian Shepherd Dog.

This dog breed has very strong shepherd instincts and it will be happy to have a work. You hardly have a flock of sheep, but this dog will gladly take part in competitions or just do different commands of its owner.


You may think that a clever dog will do anything you want. It is not true. A clever dog is not obligatory an easy trained dog. Even puppies of German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Doberman will want to taste some things at your home when left alone unsupervised. Though English Bulldog may notice that it is home alone only after 8 hours you left (not joking) and leave no spots even on the bones you've left for him.

Border Collie is bred to work day and night. But if you will not engage it with some work, it will suffer. It needs a lot of activity. It will surely find what to do, but if you like it - this is another question.

It is a great responsibility to be an owner of a clever dog. It needs a lot of attention and time. The researcher Stanley Coren also told, that a family favorite pet Beagle, who got much less points at the list, was happy, surrounded by nine kids and grandchildren of Coren, who were constantly pulling and carrying it along.

It is better to choose not the smartest dog, but the dog that satisfies your needs and has the same energy you are ready to spend for it.

Below there is a list of the dogs, who are considered to be the most difficult in training. It does not mean, that these dogs are "stupid". They just demand more patience and special ways for training. Of course, if a dog will hear the same commands each day ("place", "sit", "come", "go" etc.) it will do it at once and with glad. Of course, if you try.

1. Shi-Tsu.

 2. Basset Hound.

 3. Mastiff/Beagle.

 4. Pekinese.

 5. Bloodhound.

 6. Greyhound.

 7. Chow-chow.

 8. Bulldog.

 9. Basenji.

 10. Afghan Hound (the most difficult to train).

Remember, that it is possible to train an obedient dog of any dog breed, if you do it gradually and a proper way. With time, in the process of training, you will learn to understand your dog much better and will find the methods and ways for its understanding and willing to obey. And the more experienced you become, the smarter becomes your dog.