Dog Sport

Dog Sport: a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.

In the order for your dog to be physically healthy and active, it is necessary to exercise regularly. Even if dog sport not always brings titles and medals, but it is always useful and pleasant for you and your dog.

There are many different kinds of dog sport, among them are agility, Frisbee, fly-ball, freestyle, cursing, spring-pall, snow race etc. At this article we will try to make a short quiz of every singled out kind of dog sport. We hope that after this article you will obviously take your four-legged friend and go with it to a sport ground.

Agility - English Kind of Sport with a Dog.

This kind of dog sport appeared in England. The founder of this dog sport is John Warley. It is a speedy overcome of obstacles at a specially equipped trail. The obstacles in this kind of sports are classified into contact, that are to go along and non-contact, that dogs are not allowed to touch.

For urban dogs, who has no regular physical activity, this kind of dog sport will be very useful.

Popular Dog Sport - Frisbee.

Very simple, but very popular kind of sports with a dog. It is based on the activity when a dog must bring a plate that you throw.

Its advantage lays in the fact, that any dog may take part in these competitions, no matter what kind of breed or pedigree it has. This kind of dog sports is also does not need creation of special trails as in agility.

Flyball - Command Kind of Dog Sport.

Flyball is one of not many kinds of command dog sport. Of course your pet will also have the possibility to take part at an individual exam. The essence of this kind of dog sport is that a dog should bring to its owner as much as possible tennis balls, thrown by special device. Unlike Frisbee, there is needed special trail and equipment for flyball.

Freestyle: Dance and Sport with a Dog.

It is a comparatively new kind of dog sport. It represents definite moves of dog and its owner that create a dance. Of course, they assess more abilities of a pet in this kind of sport, than the owner's. The moves for Freestyle are not regulated, the most important is to create a nice, artistic dance. It is a very attractive kind of dog sport. Freestyle is not worse than human dance: the same bright suits, rhythmic moves, the same make-up.

Cursing - Dog Sport for Hunting Breeds.

Many dog breeds-hunters are not used for the original purpose any more. That's why there is a new kind of dog sport to check their abilities - cursing. Cursing is running for potential prey - mechanic hare. This kind of dog sport allows hounds to show their genuine hunting qualities, rung their blood, feel the prey, etc.

Two dogs take part in a race who are assessed according to several criteria: speed, enthusiasm, wit, endurance and adroitness.

Dog-Pulling - Entertaining Kind of Dog Sport.

It is quite a young and interesting kind of dog sport. By the way, the founders of this dog sport are Russian. Dog-pulling is a kind of pulling of a rope between dogs. It is a very democratic kind of dog sport where the pedigree and breed are not important. The meaning has just dog weight category: under 25 kg, from 25 to 35 kg, from 35 to 45 kg.

Weight Pulling - Heavy Kind of Dog Sport.

Weight Pulling is quite a heavy but one of the most democratic kinds of dog sport. Even not pedigreed dogs may take part and the sex of a dog does not matter.

The essence of this kind of sport is very simple - winner is who pulls the greatest weight to the longest distance. A dog begins to pull weight by the command of it's owner, and the owner has not right to offend or threaten a dog.

As you have noticed, there are absolutely different and interesting kinds of dog sport. Every dog owner depending on it's and dog's  interests can choose the most appropriate kind of dog sport and get pleasure from it with it's pet!