Dog Bad Breath Problem

Dog Bad Breath Reasons, Prevention and Cure

Mike Dogtrainer


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Dog bad breath is caused most of all by dog food. For example, a lot of fish in dog food menu in connection with dry food will surely cause bad breath. Bad dog breath appears also as the result of dog feeding itself from garbage and other pets' excrement.

Dog mouth is a place for huge amount of bacterias that may be placed as accretion on dog's teeth. It may become hard and cause tartar and provoke constant bad breath from dog mouth.

Majority of domestic dogs are fed with well-balanced food. But the problem is that food is given in such form and state, that does not need a lot of chewing moves. And as well as nothing troubles the bacterias, they live and spread fast and furious. Acids and poisons they extract may cause serious gums inflammation (gingivitis). The results are gums bleeding and teeth loss.

Dogs and wolfs who live in a wild nature do not suffer from gums illnesses. They have normal mouth hygiene and breath and look tidy. This is the result of their tearing food apart and chewing hard meat. In the result of these actions teeth and mouth are cleaned and bacterias are removed. That's why it is recommended to feed your dog with large pieces of hard meat sometimes. The pieces should have the size not to allow a dog to swallow it without chewing.

Many dog owners consider, that they help their pets to keep teeth clean when they feed dogs with bones. It is wrong and may cause tooth damage. Some chewing gums and dog toys are designed especially to care for dog mouth health.

Tooth brushing 2-3 times a week will help to keep dog mouth and teeth healthy. But it should be a special brush and a paste for dogs. Never use human toothpaste for a dog. Swallowing of it may cause irritation of dog's digestive system. Never use salt and soda for dog's teeth brushing. It may result even in dog's death, especially if a dog is old or has heart disease.

In the case when dog bad breath becomes too irritating and constant, a dog should be taken to a vet.

Other possible reasons for dog bad breath.

Gums inflammation.

Reasons: Tartar. It is the most frequent reason for loss of dog teeth. More characteristic for old dogs.

Prevention and cure: Regular tooth brushing, visiting the vet to remove accretion. Feed a dog with hard food to let it chew and this way to clean teeth and massage gums.


Signs: Difficulties while eating, inflammation, especially in the upper teeth area, purulent tumor.

Prevention and cure: Possible filling or making prosthetic appliance. But it is painful and most veterinarians just move off ill tooth, making anesthesia to a dog.

Other possible reasons for dog bad breath may be kidneys or liver illnesses.