Why Get a Dog Muzzle?

Have you ever wondered Why get a dog muzzle? When to use a muzzle on a dog? What is a dog muzzle good for? In this article a dog expert is answering all these questions.

Why does a dog need a muzzle?

At the word "Muzzle" many of my clients look at me puzzled or look away.
Some dog owners do not like this word, as it causes a negative experience. Others do not understand - what is it necessary to put such terrible thing on their kind, friendly, cheerful pet. While another dog owners understand the importance of wearing a muzzle and put it on their dogs, but at the same time all of them assert that the dog does not like a muzzle.
wire basket dog muzzle UKWell, who likes it when they are put on such uncomfortable thing without asking?
I affirm that all my dogs without any resistance wear muzzles and do not try to take them off! And this is only because I have never put a muzzle on a dog forcibly, against its will!

Instead, a dog must be Trained the process of putting on and wearing a muzzle!

I'll cover these questions later, and firstly I will tell you about why it's necessary to accustom a dog to wearing a muzzle:

  • In order not to humiliate, frighten and alienate other people, who might never keep dogs, not love and even be afraid of them!

basket dog muzzles for saleI know a lot of people who are afraid of dogs, but they are ashamed to admit it. A dog running towards a child can so frighten him that he will remain a stutterer for the whole life. Other people just do not like it when they are sniffed by dogs. And it does not depend on the size of your pet! Respect people who don't keep dogs, do not multiply the number of dog breeders haters!

  • To avoid accidental dog attack on people

What if the leash would jump out of your hand or snap, the carbine might break as well and a dog would attack the frightened person. A dog muzzle can protect a person from dog bites.

  • To protect a veterinarian from a dog bite during preventive vaccinations, hygiene procedures, dog inspection or surgery.

spiked dog muzzle buy online UKEven your dog does not "bite"; (what, did you snatch its teeth? - famous Schwake said in that case), putting muzzle on a dog when visiting a vet, you show respect for his hard and sometimes dangerous work!

  • A dog in a muzzle "understands" the limitations of its capabilities to fight and behaves more obediently in a new, unfamiliar or stressful environment.
  • Training a canine to wear a dog muzzle allows in some cases to prevent damage of home interior items and personal belongings of owners.

I know a few cases when it really helped to prevent a dog from developing a habit of gnawing household things, and, by the way, dog owners thought it up on their own!

  1. In crowded places, while transportation in public transport, the rules say to compulsory wear a dog muzzle!
  2. While training an Aggressive dog, that is accustomed to wear a dog muzzle, you aren't afraid of being attacked in a stressful situation.
  3. During the protective work with a dog in a muzzle, the assistant-figurant can do it without external or hidden protection to demonstrate a dog's owner proficiency of his defender.

soft leather dog muzzle for saleIt seems to me that the reasons given here are sufficient to realize the importance of training your canine to a dog muzzle.

Of course, after proper training, the dog stops reacting to strangers, dogs, cats, birds; doesn't run to "get acquainted"; with them. And by no means it's not a sufficient reason not to teach a dog to wear a muzzle and not to put it on when necessary!

So now we can go on to examine the types of dog muzzles for dogs and choose the one that best suits for training a dog putting on and wearing a muzzle: Leather Dog Muzzles vs Wire Basket Dog Muzzles.

If your doggie is not willing to wear a muzzle read useful tips here "A Dog Doesn't Want to Wear a Muzzle"