Surprising Facts About Dogs

Things About Dogs You Didn't Know

You are a dog owner. It is not necessary to know everything about them, but It’s useful, interesting, cognitive. They call "dog facts", so few people are aware of. And I’m sure our customers, dogs owners and everyone who loves them will be happy to learn more interesting nuances.

Dog’s intellect is compared with a 2-year-old child

Of course, you should not make an absolute comparison! Take a look at the following facts:

  • Flame Painted Design Leather Dog Muzlea puppy easily finds understanding with a 2-year-old kid;
  • both of them capture one’s mood, they understand what you want from them;
  • perceive about 250 words, gestures (depends on parents/ a coach)

A snout print is unique
Combinations of folds, crinkles, crests of dog’s nose snout are unique as well as human fingerprint. Such identification of a pet is proved, although it is not practiced. Though it’s likely that this distinctive feature can be used in certain investigations, pets registration at veterinarians.

Dog’s whiskers are to navigate in the dark
Previously, they believed that only cats possessed such exceptional attribute as whiskers (vibrissae). In reality dogs are also endued with this great tool. Thanks to long protruding fur, pets receive necessary information from the air streams about:

  • nearby things,
  • approximate size and speed of approaching objects,
  • form of these objects.

Body temperature
Super Comfy Dog Harness for Your DoggieWe associate a hot-dog with a dog for a good reason, our pets are really hot:

  • dog's body temperature is normally higher than of its owner;
  • an average values are 37.5-38.5 degrees;
  • these indicators depend on the breed size: smaller pet has higher level;
  • dog's habit of curling up helps it keep warm.

Wagging tail is not always a sign of happiness
Wigging a tail from the right side is a sign of a contentment and happiness. This dog is friendly, ready to play, sniff your hands.
If a dog wags its tail from the left, a dog is frightened. It is better to stop, show that you are not going to make harm to the pet, otherwise you may encounter dog’s aggression.
If a dog’s body and a tail are strained, along with the dilated pupils, the animal is aggressive - do not approach towards nor wave your hands.

Dog's eyesight
Pets are considered to see differently from the owner. It is found out:

  • the main colour perception is black&white;
  • possibly caught colours are blue, yellow.


Extraordinary dog breeds
The Chow-chow - differs with its blue tongue;
The Komondor - stands out with its fur, twisted in laces;
The Basenji – can’t bark, but instead sings in a yodel style;
The Dalmatian - spotted dog breed, who borns with pure white skin;
The Sharp Pei dogs - differ with the large skin, as if it doesn't fit them.

Hearing and ears
Each ear has 18 muscles.
Their hearing is 4 times better than human.
Dogs identify by ear more than 150 words.

Dogs feelings towards humans

  1. 1. Dogs are able to envy, jealous, angry, but the feeling of guilt to them is unfamiliar! If the dog looks apologetically, this is not an awareness of he is wrong, but a fright reaction to a loud voice.
  2. 2. Do you want your doggie be calm and not bark while your absence - leave a garment smelling like you - it will calm the pet.
  3. 3. Your barking friend catches a smell of disease. An incredible fact is that dogs diagnose a cancer. Research regarding the detection of epilepsy and diabetes are in progress.
  4. 4. If a person has increased blood pressure, one should stroke a puppy to low it - proved by American scientists.
  5. 5. It's easier for a young man to get acquainted with a girl, if his dog is next to him. Studies have shown that he will have 3 times higher possibilities against a man without a four-legged friend.