How to Train a Dog to Come?

How to Teach a Dog “Come” Command?

You do not let a dog from the lead, because you are afraid not to catch your pet when it’s time to come back home? If it is right your problem and you want to make walks comfortable for you and you dog, you need to teach your pet the first command “Come!”. That’s not difficult at all!

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What You Need for Teaching a  Dog to Come

The first thing you need is a long dog lead (about 5 m). The ideal variant is an inexpensive tarpaulin or nylon dog lead, which is easily washed and quick-drying. While training this command, dog training equipment will often lie on the ground, so it will unavoidable get dirty.

The second thing you need is a strong dog collar of suitable size, made of any material. You can also use a dog chain collar. But if your dog is too agile and can easily take its head out of the dog collar, also if a dog hasn’t walked without a dog lead before, it’s better not to risk. You should choose a leather dog collar, fitting tightly to the neck and securely fastened.

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The third thing needed is something tasty for your pet. Dry food, pieces of cheese or sausage will do for the purpose of “Come!” training.

One more thing is a favourite dog toy. At our online dog store we propose you rich variety of dog toys to any taste. Majority of dogs enjoy playing with sticks found in the street.

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Last but not least is patience. Not all dogs cope with this command quickly. Often a dog understands what is needed from him, but at the initial stage it is distracted by something else. Often a dog behaves obstinately and doesn’t want to come to the owner, as it likes sniffing around and enjoying freedom more.

A Place for Training

At home majority of dogs obey their owners and come up to them at the first demand. Walking outside is much different. Some dog are too excited by surrounding, so that they pretend not to hear the owner.

That’s why it’s better to teach a dog “Come!” command outside. Take into consideration, that it should be a quiet and not crowded place, free of cars, children and animals. Otherwise a dog will not be able to concentrate on the training process. Even the smartest dog won’t be successful in a busy, crowded place.

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Description: How to Train Your Dog to Come ?

Technically this skill is not hard to develop. Take a dog on a long lead and let it go 2-3 m from you, then draw dog’s attention with the help of a toy or something delicious, and command “Come!” with confidence.

As soon as your pet comes to you, praise it with the word “Good” pronounced with tender, joyful voice, pat a dog, and give a toy or food. After that let the dog play. Repeat the same 2-3 times. Then increase the distance between you and the dog, and try to train the command again.

In case if a food and a toy don’t interest the dog anymore, tug a leash towards you. As soon as your pet starts moving to you, praise it and repeat the word “Come” with a kind intonation, so that the dog understood that it moves the right direction. When the dog comes to you, say “Good” and pat it.

If a dog doesn’t come up from the very first time, don’t scold. Even if the pet performed the command after some time, you need to praise it. Remember: you may scold the dog just when it knows the command well, but doesn’t want to perform it because of laziness, obstinacy, or lack of respect to you.

Train this skill every time you walk, repeating it 2-3 times. After mastering the command with a leash, train the same exercise without it. Then you should complicate it a little. The dog must get used to performing this command in any surrounding. Ask the pet to come to you in crowded places, with animals and people. Besides, dogs, cats and birds distract dogs most of all.

As you see, there’s nothing difficult in this exercise. Still, unexperienced dog owners may face troubles in “Come!” training. That’s why we suggest paying attention to some details.

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“Come!” Command: Tips for Successful Training

1. Right intonation

Do not pronounce the word “Come!” in a threatening way, if your dog doesn’t know this command yet. The dog will think that you are not going to treat it, but just want to punish.

The word “Come!” shouldn’t scare the dog. You should say it with confidence and quite loud, but kind at the same time. There may be another situation, when your dog already knows this command, but doesn’t do it at the first demand. Then you may command the second time with threatening intonation.

2. Praise

Don’t be afraid to praise a dog too much for successfully performed commands. When the dog makes small and uncertain, but right steps, you should encourage the pet with the word “Good”.

Show your emotions! Dogs feel our moods very delicately. Some owners seeing the correctly performed command even kiss and hug their pets. And you know what? Such dogs become the most obedient and easily learn the most difficult tricks!

3. From the simple to the complex

Do not start training the command in hard for the pet surrounding with a lot of distracting factors. The dog will not develop these skills faster. Make the situation more complex step by step. If the dog cannot perform the command on a higher level, it’s better to come back to easier situation, and train until the dog stops making mistakes.

4. Arousing interest

Keep in mind, that it should be more interesting for your pet to spend time with you, than with other dogs or strangers. Your task is to motivate the dog by any means, and make him want to run to you. Watch your dog, and you will understand what may carry it away and draw its attention. For example, some dogs can remove mountains so to say, for a piece of cheese. The point is to know you dog’s likes.

5. Right time

The best moment for training any new skills is the middle of the walk, when the dog has already done its “business”, sniffed around, discovered the territory, and now it’s ready to play with the owner.

Dog trainers do not recommend to learn the command “Come!” at the end of the walk. The dog will remember that after this it usually goes home. Next time it will not come up to you, till it plays outside enough.

Take into account these tips, and your dog will quickly learn the important basic command “Come!”. Thanks to which you will enjoy long walks with your dog, not being afraid of losing it.