What Is A Dog Harness Used For?

Dog Harness

    What is a dog harness? A dog harness is a specialized type of equipment that has clear advantages over a dog collar. Many dog owners do not understand how it is to pull a dog harness with a dog collar forward, they think that trying to calm an agitated dog means to harm a pet.

English Bulldog nylon dog harness

   A dog harness is a solution to this problem. It can help control a pet with a minimum of movement. A dog harness strengthens the relationship of a pet with the owner. In such a way a dog feels its owner, it is easier to lead.

   Types of a dog harness

   A dog harness is divided into types depending on the operations a dog must perform. There are the following types of a dog harness:

   • A walking dog harness. A ring fastening straps is located at the withers of a dog. Often, a dog harness is used for everyday walks with a pet. There are harnesses for small and large dogs, the differences lie in the location of the belts.

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   • A pulling dog harness. The equipment is mainly used during sports competitions, sled dog races. Also, a dog harness is used to train the muscles of a dog. The difference between a pulling dog harness and a walking harness lies in special durability of belts. A dog harness with weights is suitable for sport, sled and hound dog training.

German Shepherd pulling dog harness

   • A tracking dog harness. A tracking dog harness is applied for a trail dog training or for a dog training in special forces.

Tracking leather dog harness

   • A dog lifting aid-mobility harness. A dog lifting aid-mobility harness is a vest, which is worn on 2/3 of a pet body, which reduces the load on the hind limbs. A supportive dog harness supports sick dogs.

   • An assistance dog harness. An assistance dog harness with a large breech-buckle handle has the convenient design for a dog for the convenience of a disabled person. An assistance dog harness often has the reflective elements for the safety of a guide dog and the person under its responsibility.

German Shepherd guide harness

   • K9 dog harness for police dogs to work for protection. K9 dog harness has a sturdy design, a handle on the withers to keep control of a dog work and a dog training, a thick lining on the chest to protect against attacks when attacking.

Swiss Mountain dog harness

   • A dog show harness is used for the exhibition.

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   A dog harness can also combine several functions, for example, our dog harness H5 can be used for walking, dog tracking, as well as dog pulling, thanks to its design with rings at the withers and sides.

   The assistance dog harness-vest H14 can be used both to support a sick animal, and to heat a dog when walking in the cold season.

Assistance dog harness

   Canine experts say that a dog harness should be constantly replaced by a dog collar. It is not recommended to wear it often. It is necessary to choose a dog collar, taking into account the age and size of a dog.

   Important! The constant wearing of dog collars can negatively affect a dog. Cynologists have found out that dogs wearing a dog collar constantly got problems with a neck and spinal cord, they feel the pain.

   Various injuries are often the result of the sudden movements of a dog when a dog leash jerks, especially when an owner uses special dog collars (studded, out of chain).

   How to wear a dog harness

   Observing a certain sequence will help you quickly and correctly put a dog harness on a dog:

   1. An agitated dog should be captured in the back, fixed with legs. At the same time you should straighten a dog harness, having a non-solid surface from inside.

   2. Carefully put a ring-shaped object on a dog (the parameters of a dog harness vary depending on the size of a dog).

   3. Pull a dog strap in the other direction, so that it will take the right position, reducing the distance between a circle and a jumper.

   4. Push a dog’s paw into the space between a circle and a dog strap. A jumper slips through the chest area, a dog strap is located on the right side.

   5. The free left part of a dog harness is threaded through the armpit of the left paw, buttoning a dog strap.

   6. May a dog let go and correct a circle around a neck.

   7. Check the buttoned mechanisms. All actions are performed unhurriedly, the haste leads to improper fastening of a dog harness.

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