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Herm Sprenger Pinch Collars

  • Original metal dog collars by a famous German producer Herm Sprenger.
  • Dog prong collars are used by many dog trainers for efficient dog training process all over the world.
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"Brilliant! Wish I'd bought one of these years ago! Pups doing what asked of them basicly right away. And quick delivery." Jason 5 of 5 Stars!
But a prong dog collar is a special tool and requires a definite knowledge in use. Read our advices below how to use prong dog collars.

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Prong dog collars do not resolve the problems of dog behavior itself, automatically. Without a definite knowledge and proper use it even may do harm for a dog mentally and physically. That's why consult a specialist before purchasing a prong dog collar.
What are dog prong collars for?
Hierarchical structure of relationships is very important for dogs. They obey only the leader and define him at once. In the order to make a dog understand your leading position one should use doggy language for training and behavior correction. In the nature alpha-dog communicates by growl, body language and touches.
A mother dog usually teaches her puppies the right behavior by slight biting her puppies when they do something wrong. A prong dog collar is designed the way to resemble these bites and make training natural and efficient. Thus, prong dog collar corrects dog behavior, trains obedience and shows your leadership.
The types of dog prong collars.
The company Herm Sprenger and Fordogtrainers produce three types of prong dog collars:



Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Fun | Steel Dog CollarsDog Collar for Training | Prong Collar for Large Dogs, CuroganDog Obedience Training Collar | Dog Control Collar for Large Dog


  1. laminated NECK-TECH FUN;
  2. laminated NECK-TECH SPORT;
  3. wire ULTRA-PLUS.

These types of dog collars may be produced with various types of adjusting, with click-lock buckle, snap hook, with two rings etc.

How to choose and use a prong dog collar?
The size of dog prong collars are easy adjustable, by removing or adding of links. You may even combine various metals and FUN with SPORT types together. The links are proposed for sale separately as well.
Prong dog collar choice depends on a dog weight. We mention at the description of each our dog prong collars, for what kind of dog weight it is recommended.

How to put on dog prong collar?
It is important: prong dog collars are not taken on a dog through its head! It may injure dog's eyes. Unfasten one of links (or a buckle), take it on a dog's neck and fasten it.
Look at the scheme to see how to wear a prong dog collar. It is important that it should not be loose. Prong dog collar is disposed right below the dog jaws.

prong dog collar training

What are dog pinch collars for?
Prong dog collars are used for dog behavior correction. Try various types of influence to get the desired result. Remember, that touches and bites are the essential dog language and they understand it very well and define various shades of pressure. Experienced dog trainer will help you to get the best result.

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