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In the ancient times, when a dog was yet a wild animal, it cared about itself. It scratched on bushes and trees, cleaned itself, took a bath in morning dew, washed its fur. For the account of healthy and plain food rich for vitamins and proteins a dog had no problems with the old fur changing.
At that time there was nobody to provide a high quality care for dog. They became home pets much later. When a human appeared in the life of dogs, he took the whole responsibility of dog care on his shoulders. Since that times a lot has changed. A human became wiser and more civilized. It allowed him to write books about dog care, where he described many methods, ways of dog breeding and keeping.
Dog care includes cleaning and cutting of dog hair, washing, protection of dog skin from different parasites and vermin. It is necessary also to care of dog teeth and eyes, clogs, ears and other body parts.
All these procedures are available to perform in home conditions. Each dog owner should know and use special dog care accessories for healthy and bright look of a dog. Special conditions are demanded for pregnant dog, a dog after delivery, dog care after a surgery. These conditions can be satisfied at special institutions, such as dog nursery, vet clinics.
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Brush for dogs

Rules of Dog Care. Dog Fur Cleaning.

One of the general steps of proper dog care is dog fur coat cleaning. With the intention to get ultimate clean of dog fur coat it need to be brushed and cleaned every day.
You will need a special brush made of natural materials (horse hair, pig bristle). Synthetic materials are not allowed for producing of brushes, because they provoke allergic reactions. Dog brush for fur coat care should be quite hard, but not too thick. Hard brushes let remove mug and dust more effective from the dog fur coat. Metal, horny or wooden dog combs let easy remove dead fur and brush tangled dog hair.
For brushing of long-fur coated dog breeds in the period of moult, who have thick and long hair, it is allowed to use soft cosmetic and usual brushes. But using such dog care supplies you should be very careful to prevent damage of dog skin.

Soft rubber dog brush

Dog Care and Keeping. Trimming and Hair-Cut.

After the moment when people took the responsibility of dog care and breeding, a lot of them lost the ability to moult naturally. Generally these are dog breeds of small sizes - poodles, hard-fur terriers and schnauzers. Small dogs care needs regular hair-cut no less than 2-3 times a month.
Dog hair-cut is intended for dead fur eliminating and also for letting a special standard breed form. Trimming is made with the help of special tools for dog care. It is the best to make the procedure in spring or autumn, when dog fur hard-haired dog breeds (schnauzers, terriers) begins to die off and that's why it is easy to remove.
Dog trimming effects even growth of fur coat and even structure along all its length. Usual hair-cut does not effects its change for the new fur coat. Dog hair proceeds to grow, become thin, soft and rare, that may lead not only to the loss of structure but also the characteristic dog breed color.
Even the right care and feeding of dogs will not help to improve the state of dog fur coat, if there is no trimming made in time. Except of this, irregular dog fur care can provoke dog skin diseases and dandruff appearance.
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Dog comb for professional dog grooming

Dog care. Dog Washing.

As well known, dogs are often in open air. That's why they may become dirty in the result of training, performing of different exercises and just simple games. Dog care includes also the most frequent tool of hygiene - dog washing. It is recommended to use special sorts of soap and shampoo. But many dog owners neglect vets' advices and use different aroma shampoos and soups and sometimes sprinkle dogs with deodorants. It may lead to irremediable consequences.
In the result of use not specialized remedies for dog care and frequent washing dog skin loses normal oiling. It leads to skin dryness, cracks appearance, and there get different microorganisms. An then even well-washed fur coat cannot protect from their negative influence.
Frequent dog washing leads also to hypertrophy of fat cells. Because of their attempts to restore the washed off oiling, even in the cases when it is not needed, they begin to make oil, the amount of which is above normal. The result is dysfunction of fat cells that affects developing of skin diseases.
That's why a proper care of dog fur coat presupposes its washing not sooner than once in 2 months. Use dog hair conditioners and dog fur will not grow dim.
Of course inexperienced dog owners can ask a question: "What can i do after walking a dog in a rainy weather?!" Naturally, we need to provide care for dog legs and its fur coat. Wash legs and belly of a dog after walking but without soap.
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Metal dog rakes

Dog Fur Care. Control of Skin Vermin.

The obligatory condition of proper dog care is skin vermin control. It is necessary to consult a veterinary before choosing a tool for dog protection from parasites. it is demanded to follow instructions precisely, or if the way of use is not investigated, it is better to avoid it. Your dog is not an experimented rabbit!
Nowadays the general and the most effective tool for skin and fur parasites control is a concentrate made of usual white chamomile flowers extract. It's manufacturing has become plausible in chemical industry, that in addition let it to intensify it's impact for the account of chemical processing.
Whether it is an old or young dog care, you need to get a positive result in the struggle with fleas. For this you need to remember that flea growth from egg from larva stage to an adult is going within three weeks. That's why the repeated processing of dog fur coat is made every three weeks. A very important condition is the elimination of fleas larva locally at the places intended for dog's being, rest etc.
For struggle with dog mites there are no special dog care tools needed. They are usually removed by hands. Possible a variant, when after the procedure of removing in upper skin layers there is a mite head left. It provokes occur of ulcer, that grows and than bursts, and the mite head appears at the surface.
Another way of struggle with dog mites is as following: the place, where there is a mite, is oiled. It covers airflow from a mite and it is forced to go upwards from the dog skin. this way is the most hygienic from all in the struggle with skin parasites.
There are used different specific means for prevention of mites appearance and provoked by them illness babesiosis.
Dog ears care.
Dogs with thick shaggy hair need special ears care, as well as their ears often are grown with hair. That's why we have to cut and shorten fur of these dogs in ears area.
Some dogs have fur even inside the ear. In such cases we need to trim dead fur from the ear apparatus. Other way, in the result of inappropriate dog care, it can flock, get through with earwax and provoke ear corking. When it happens, ventilation is interfered or blocked and it provokes ear inflammation.
Dog ears care presupposes constant brushing, as well as there may get entangled grass seeds etc. By the way, there is a great danger for dog presented by classic ear parasites, that may get into an ear and ear channel. There are frequent cases when they damage eardrum and get into middle and even inner ear.
If care for dog ears is improper, the actions of parasites may cause difficult inflammations. In the inflamed ear there appear huge exudate of dark brown, almost black color, that gets dry and gathers in the form of lumps. the appearance of such allocations serves the first sign of ear illness. Here the common ear cleaning will not work. You need immediately go to a veterinary who will give qualified help to your dog.
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Dog claws clipper

Dog Claws Care.

Natural regulation of dog claws length goes in movement when too long claws grind. In home conditions, especially when a dog is not active, claws grow fast and long. As a result, they begin to crack and crumble. That's why we need provide regular dog claws care.
It is needed to be precisely careful and attentive at dog claw cutting, because if you will cut claws too short, claw roots may inflame. It is better to use special tools for dog care for dog claw cutting. For example, there is a device, that let just clamp claws from all sides. While using common scissors, there is a possibility, that claws will crumble while cutting, crack, and then it is easy for mug, dust and microorganisms to get into the cracks.

Dog training and dog care are inseparable.

Since the very puppy age, a dog looks for a place where it will make its toilet. For prevent doing it at the apartment, it need to be well-bred. Of course, the nature has already gifted some grounds of its behavior, for instance, a dog will never do its toilet where it lives. But it is not enough. That's why dog care and dog breeding are inseparable.
To train a dog not to relieve all over the apartment, specify the place, where it will "go to toilet". For this you may put a box filled with sand or wood shavings. It will be better, if you will walk it no less than 3 times a day. Then a dog will be able to choose a definite place for its natural needs.
For performing of proper dog care and breeding a dog owner should be well-bred itself. A well-bred owner will never walk his dog at places for kids plays, flower beds and lawns.
Proper dog care presupposes also keeping to the rules of personal hygiene and home hygiene. Carpets, floor should be regularly cleaned from fallen dog hair, especially in the period of dog moult. Dog carpet should be changed every week, washed and ironed. If you will follow all these rules you will have a healthy dog and healthy family.


Dog Care Rules. The First Aid Render.

Every dog owner must be able to render first aid to his dog. Before rendering first aid, you need to get to know the reason of the injure, illness and then try to remove it. The most frequently in the role of these reasons there are: sunlight, acids, alkali, electricity defeat, bleeding. Influence of different dangerous factors on a dog body may lead to breath interference, heart activity, lost of consciousness.
When a dog is defeated by electricity, it should be isolated from the source, at sunstroke it should be taken in the shade, at injures it is needed to stop bleeding, at burnt by chemical substances - neutralize its influence, at lost of consciousness - to make rescue breathing.

Only a proper dog care will let to protect it from getting of any injures, and if there is such, prevent it’s development and render first aid to a dog.