How to Stop Dog Pulling on a Leash?

How to Make a Dog Stop Pulling?


Dog that pulls on a leash is one of the most frequent dog behavior problems of dog owners. This habit obviously brings many troubles. Most dog owners are irritated with it, that's why they walk shortly and ina  bad mood, leave a dog off leash in unappropriate places (for example, at the road) or in a wrong time (estrus). All this because it is extremely difficult to walk on a leash a dog that pulls.
Moreover, pulling and tension on dog's neck may cause severe injures of dog's neck. The pain in neck may cause other dog behavior problems, more serious than pulling.


So, why dogs pull on the lead?


Non Pull Dog Harness for FrenchieThere are several reasons for this problem:
1) The most frequent one - when a dog pulls somewhere we follow it. It stimulates a dog to pull the way it wishes, because its owner always follows.
2) Pulls on a leash. Unfortunately, your pulls on a leash encourage dog to pull as well. It acts this way: before pulling a leash we make it looser. Thus, a dog achieves a pattern: loose leash is pain in neck.
3) Overexcitement when a dog puls in any direction wherever an owner goes, barks, cannot calm down and concentrate its attention on anything. It is a complicated task to train such dog to stop pulling on a leash. First of all it requires to tame the overexcitement, and it is better to do with the help of a behaviorist. And only then we may start training a dog to stop pulling.
4) A dog is walked on a retractable leash (sometimes or always). To use or not to use a retractable dog lead is a controversial question. But the point is that the principle of its work is that a dog may stretch this lead out and go anywhere without obstacles. Moreover, a dog gets used to tightening of a retractable lead and treats it as normal. Then when you take a usual dog walkign leash a dog is trying to tighten it.


What should I do to stop my dog pulling on a lead?


Follow the rules below:
dog walking#1 First of all, break the pattern "a dog pulls - the owner follows the dog - the dog pulls stronger". Stop following your dog anywhere it goes. If a dog tightens a leash, stop, turn to another route and cheer up your dog to follow you.
#2 Use a leash of same length for dog walking. If you use a dog leash of 3 or 5 m, fix it in 2 points (short lead for dog walking by your heel and on a full length). It will make trainign easier. A dog will get used to definite distances from you.
#3 Get rid of a retractable dog lead. Even rare walking with it will make a dog start pulling again. And you will have to start training from the very beginning.
#4 Do not yell at your dog or push on it by your gestures. Your pet will try to avoid aggression and tighten a leash. Try to make your dog not be afraid of you and avoid you being close. Use positive methods, that are written further.
#5 Praise your pet for right behavior and give treats. If a dog walks on a loose leash - it deserves a praise. Cheer up any sign of right behavior. The more you praise a dog for good behavior the more it will do well.
#6 Change directions often. Make your dog follow you and always be attentive to your moves instead of walking automatically along the same route daily.
#7 Make dog training easier. Start training at a calm place without strong irritants (cats, people, cars, squirrels) and gradually make the rate more difficult. The same is about the time of training. Let them be short but often at the beginning. This routine will bring results faster and more efficiently.
non pull dog harnessAnd the most important for training is your good mood. If you are broken or irritated it would be better to miss a training.



Do dog harnesses stop pulling?

Except of training advices there are many tools that are able to amke dog walking more controlled, pleasant and calm. One of these tools is a non pull dog harness. This simple and comfortable dog accessory has proven its efficiency for many years. We daily get pleased reviews of our customers who started to use it and achieved the first good results quickly.
How do no pull harnesses work? No pull dog harness has a special design with a front ring for a dog lead. It is placed on nylon strap in the middle of dog chest. All you have to do is to adjust dog lead to this front D-ring. Its work is simple: when a dog pulls, the lead drives it aside and a dog feels uncomfortable. Thus, it stops pulling. The design of this harness for dog walking makes even loading of tightening on dog's body and makes walking safer for its health.

What is the best dog harness for dogs that pull? Read more about a non pull dog harness and order it here.

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