Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Why do dogs eat poop

Why do dogs eat poop? This question bothers many dog owners, who have faced the problem of dogs eating poop. Dog owners shake with disgust watching their dog eating own poop or strange, cat poop etc at dog walking outside.

This habit is not only disgusting, but also extremely dangerous for a dog itself. That's why such dog behaviour needs correction. Poop of ill animal may carry many bacterias, like:

  • parvovirus entiritis,

  • toxoplasmosis,

  • leptospirosis, that is dangerous for people as well.

Dogs eating poop may cause also infecting with worms.

Why do dogs eat poop? The main reasons.
All the reasons of this phenomenon, called coprophagia, are still not investigated. But there are obvious reasons for dogs eating poop, that may be divided into psychological and psychological.

1. Obvious reason for dogs eating poop is the intention of the dog to attract the owner's attention. It happens, that people take a dog, enjoy playing with their new pet a couple of months, and then get used to it and do not give as much attention as it needs. The dog walking becomes a daily burden.
But a dog needs attention constantly. Even a punishment of a dog is treated by your pet as your attention and is an indispensable part of your communication. And if a dog owner is running after a dog, who has just taken poop, it is treated by your pet as a game. This way a dog owner unwillingly shows a dog, that it is doing right, acting this way, when it is willing to play.

2. One more psychological reason of dogs eating poop is dogs eating poop by a lactating female. It is a normal phenomenon, as mother's duty is to keep the puppy place clean and tidy.
The most obvious physiological reason of dogs eating poop is lack of micronutrients in dog feeding ration. It happens more frequently with young dogs, who are growing. The cause of coprophagia is also a pancreatic insufficiency or infectious diseases of dogs.
The reason of pancreatic insufficiency may be overfeeding of a dog with a fat food.

How to stop dogs eating poop?
If a dog lacks attention, give it. Play with your dog at daily walking. Use sticks, toys, communicate with your dog at it will distract a dog from poop eating.
Train your dog and do not punish it.
A lactating female dog needs help in puppy care. Clean its place regularly.
Analyze dog feeding ration and include natural micronurtients. Consult your vet.
If a dog is fed by dry food, you may gradually change feeding with more quality food.
If you have reasons to consider, that the reason of dogs eating poop (coprophagia) is an infection, pancreatic insufficiency etc, take a dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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