Dog Obedience Training: "Go out!" Command

Dog Commands Training: "Go out!"

Having mastered basic dog commands, such as “Sit!”, “Down!”,  “Come!”, “Stop!”, etc, you can move on to more difficult dog training exercises which contain combinations of previous commans.

Dog training “Go out!” command should be started after a dog has mastered walking without a dog lead and performing “Down” command given from the distance.

The goal is to make the dog run in front of you after you command “Go out!”. First of all, you need to find a ground at least 70-80 m long. Don’t forget to take dog’s favourite toy with you. Start leading a dog along the straight line without a leash almost to the other border of the playground.

Stop 5-6 m. away from the ground’s boundary. Then make a dog sit down, show its favourite toy, give a command “Place!” and move to the other side of the ground. Note: the dog should see the toy. You may place it on the bench, for example. Then come back to the dog and give the command “Go out!” showing the direction with the hand. Of course, the dog will rush forward to get the toy.

After several dog training lessons you may try such exercise: as soon as the dog reaches the toy, you should give a command “Down!”. You may vary place, time, and distance in further dog training lessons. When the dog masters these exercises, you should start training without a dog toy. It’s better not to concentrate attention on the toy.

But you should give the toy to the dog at the end of the exercise as an encouragement. If your dog doesn’t like playing with a ball, or other toys are not a proper encouragement for it, you may achieve the same results using some dog treat or pieces of meat.

Dog training equipment you may need for "Go out!" training command:

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