How to Save Yourself from Dog Attack?

How to prevent dog biting?

the best dog muzzle We often suffer from our unconscious actions, when our irresponsibility leads to dog aggression. But there are definite means, following which we may avoid conflicts.
If you meet a person with a dog, even your friend, do not try to caress it and do not come up too close to a dog. Very often any dog protects its owner, not depending on its breed. Any of your gestures may be treated as a threat.
Consequently, you should not let your child come to an unknown dog. Child’s games, such as imitation of dog barking, growling, trying to play run and catch, gripping dog’s ears or tail, may be treated by a dog in different ways and make it defend.
Do not give dog’s toys to your child, a pet will protect its possession. If a dog takes child’s toy, do not let your child take it off itself. It should be taken from a dog by the owner, as all the things a dog gets it treats as its own. If a child wants to give a treat to a dog, it should give it to the dog owner and he will pass it over to a dog. If nevertheless a dog happened to bite you, get to know whether the dog is vaccinated and observed at a veterinarian.
rubber coated wire dog muzzleIf you meet a person with a dog in the street, keep your child as far from the dog as needed to prevent its trying to touch a pet.
If you need to ask a dog owner a question, do not come too close, run up or call him aloud. A dog may treat it as a threat or attack and react with aggression.
If you meet a person with a dog in a closed room, such as an elevator, try to keep silence and do not make active gestures.
Do not irritate a dog that is left in a car alone. Do not knock on the window or look inside the car. Also do not try to pet a dog through an open window. The owner’s car is like a second home for a dog, as it is the possession of its owner and is to be protected respectively.
Do not assess a dog by its appearance. It may be wrong. Small dogs are seldom well trained, as a rule, as they are treated as decorative ones. Consequently, they are often naughty and unpredictable. But they are able to bite strongly.

Basket Dog Muzzle That Allows DrinkingSome big dog breeds look very cute, but belong to guard dogs, that may quickly convert from calm into aggressive and attack suddenly without even warning by growling or barking. Other dogs may be also unpredictable, though they do not belong to guard ones. For example, Chow-Chow looks like “a Teddy Bear” but never bears familiarity even of the owner. This dog breed is very serious and not playful. Thus, these easy, elementary rules may protect you and your child from many problems. Well, a dog is not a toy. It is an animal that may become dangerous under certain conditions. But still dogs have the right to exist and be who they are, that’s why we should mutually respect each other.

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