Valuable Dogs Role in Search and Rescue

How Search-and-Rescue Dogs Work

A search-and-rescue dog is a special type of police dog which is trained specifically to look for people or their remains. Search teams with the help of dogs find corpses of people after the destruction of buildings during earthquakes, under committed crimes and other circumstances.

Military leather dog muzzle for police dogsSpecially trained animals can find buried, hidden or dismembered bodies. This work is terrible, but it is necessary for the police. Often only dogs with their sensitive sense of smell can find something that others cannot.

During the decay human remains begin to produce a variety of different smells. For us these smells may seem to be unpleasant, but for search dogs they are a sign of a goal that should be found. They are able to smell the corpses under the layers of concrete, underground and even under water.

Sometimes it happens that the body of the deceased person was divided into several parts, and they all were buried in different places far enough from each other. The search dogs are the ones who can find them all.

A dog can indicate not only the place where the body fragment is located, but also the place where it was located and from where it was moved. This is very informative during the investigation of crimes especially in cases when intruders try to hide tracks by destroying the evidence.

The dog is trained in such a way that it treats the fragments as carefully as possible. Unlike other dogs it does not use claws or teeth when it finds human remains, but sits down and waits for policemen or rescuers to come to this place.

Husky harness with handle bestseller UKLike other police dogs the search-and-rescue dogs work under the guidance of a cynologist - a policeman or a rescuer. Work can be carried out in different ways. Sometimes a dog works with a cynologist all day long. Sometimes the dog specialist is engaged only in its training, and the dog goes to search with other people.

The first variant is more often. The dog lives and walks along with its owner everywhere and they both are engaged in searching work. In many countries the activity of a search dog is similar with the work of a policeman. The obstruction of its work has the same consequences as resistance to a police officer does.

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